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Best Greenhouse Kit In 2019 Reviews


Best Greenhouse Kit

At some point, every Gardner consider the GreenHouse mechanisms due to the advantages.

The biggest advantage of a greenhouse is that they help you to keep on gardening every month. Even though it takes the time it is a fun and enjoyable task especially if you have the best greenhouse kit. Basically, greenhouses trap the heat inside the greenhouse kit (or the tent) and provide the environment plants need.

Thinking about purchasing the best greenhouse kit?

Typically greenhouses are providing a secure environment for outdoor plants and short trees. However, greenhouses can also be used to move indoor heal tolerant outside due to the warm environment provided by the greenhouse.

This process requires a significant initial cost. So it is very important to make sure that you invest your money in the best greenhouse kit. But it is very tricky to identify the best greenhouse kit for your requirement. We have to consider a lot of information before making the initial selection.


Top 8 Best Greenhouse Kit

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Overall Best Greenhouse Kit Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse

I can recommend Palram HG5508PH Hybrid Hobby Greenhouse as the best greenhouse kit because this is the Greenhouse im currently using. Amoung other greenhouse kits this one brings you the total coverage with its 6 inch wide aluminium frame and twin wall polycarbonate covering.

Materials, Design & Features

There is no doubt that the thick twin-wall polycarbonate is unbelievebly strong, literary unbreakable. Also It is proven that the polycarbonate is the roof is blocking upto 99.99% of UV rays. It is said that less UV rays reduces the risk of plant burn by diffusing sunlight. Side panels are also made with clear polycarbonate which provides more than 80% of sun light transmission.

If we focus on the elegant aluminum frame not only it give a premium look but also gives the perfect protection to the greenhouse. Aluminum frame is resistant to rust and dirt. So it will last longer and other aluminum frames. Most importantly the Aluminium frame lays a sturdy foundation (supported by the galvaniced steel) for this best greenhouse kit.

According to Arlene Snyd (Amazon reviewer) eventhough the materials are with extreme strenght the whole kit is very light. Further she mentioned that “Considering the lightness (in spite of the extreme strength of the materials) and the idea that I was planning on a permanent installation, I put it on a concrete foundation with lag screw anchors. Light airplane cables (two) passing over the unit and anchored on both sides fouled sixty-seventy mile gusts. The rattle of the polycarbonate lets me know it’s still there without going outside.”

When we consider the space this greenhouse kit offers around 47 sq.ft which is enough for most gardeners. Also this greenhouse has an inbuilt rain gutter which keeps the water flowing.

This green house has one lockable door with a magnetic attachement. Also the single inbuilt roof vent will help you to maintain the average temperature and healthy air flow to increase growing conditions. Also I really loved the inbuilt 10 polypropylene-made plant hangers as I can even able to use them to support vines. Ofcourse you can use them to hang baskets too.


I assembled the greenhouse my self. Assembly is very easy and straightforward. However it will be easier if you have a helper.

Overall I couldnt find any negative aspects of this greenhouse kit. Eventought it is cheap and lightweight it add a premium look to your garden. Undoubtedly this is the best greehouse kit for the price.

Also check out our guide of Greenhouse kits for beginners.

Best GreenHouse for the price!

” Wow this greenhouse kit is awesome. Even it several hours to septup it gives a rich look to your garden.”
Alex Calmin

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