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Greenhouse Gardening 101: Preparing the site.



You want your greenhouse gardening project to exist for centuries and stay healthy,  trouble-free. You require an outstanding quality construction. So it is important to properly prepare the site and to comply with the requirements suggested by the producer of greenhouses.
A builder or a landscape contractor can do this at a sensible price if you think that this is beyond you. All you need to do is provide them with greenhouse’s basic requirements. However, if you prefer to prepare the site yourself, make sure everything is done as per requirements of your selected best greenhouse kit. Precision is crucial and your base brick course must adhere to the exact measurements

Following are some common recommendations
  • Make sure your site is leveled including the corners.
  • Decide whether you want to setup your greenhouse in a perimeter foundation or have it on a concret raft. However if you plan to use interior beds you will have to use the perimeter foundation option.
GreenHouse Gardening
GreenHouse Gardening-The foundation
  • Make perimeter bases, with excellent quality, cold protective bricks or engineering bricks, precisely as your best greenhouse kit specifies. Do not use facing bricks because they could worsen your greenhouse gardening project. Don’t forget to leave a water pipe gap and electric cables gap and put them before the greenhouse is constructed if necessary. This makes it simpler to connect.
  • When you bring the greenhouse kit home, make sure you have temporary storage for all the materials. Make sure you have enough space to store glass.
  • Make sure you clean up the environment. You should fill out the hole, remove dead plant and keep an eye on insects around your site. Make sure they are the friendly insects such as bees and butterflies.
  • Never compare your available sute with others’. It is important to undesrtatnd that you have to play with your available resources. And this is very possible.

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