Best Juicer 2021-Reviews & Buyers’s Guide (Rated 2021)


It’s very nice to have a juicer in your kitchen. And you can comfortably make your favorite juice in your home anytime if you have the right juicer. The best news is, in comparison, that the juices you make at home taste exactly like a fruit cocktail you can have in a premium resort. The best thing is that you won’t have to pay anything for this cocktail. We recommend that you check for Best Juicer 2021.

Best Juicer 2021
Best Juicer 2021

But before you purchase a juicer, you should get enough details about this. And you should spend for a juicer once in a lifetime(Well at least for 5 years. For this, you have to do proper research. Trust me! you don’t want your money to gamble on a machine that doesn’t deliver the results you want. First of all, you want to purchase a juicer that does the job you have purchased for. Second, your purse doesn’t want to weigh. Simply put, at you should buy the best juicer 2021 at the most reasonable price.

Do You Really Need to A Best Juicer 2021 for Your Kitchen?

But do I actually need a juicer? Well answer is yes. We all do. It is even cost effective. You can prepare you family’s favourite juice in minutes. So everyone is happy no more shopping for juices. You will be able to make them yourself!

You might think why should I go to the high priced best one while there are many cheap juicers in the market. Well, if you are looking for the long run you should actually go for the best juicer Especially, if you want to grind both vegetables and fruit you need to buy a good juicer.

A decent juicer is a blessing at home if you are a health-conscious citizen who wants to supplement your diet with vitamins and nutrients rich juices. Therefore, the right juicer 2021 should be checked for.


Our Best Rated Top Picks

Luxury/ High Cost Budget/ Low Cost
 Tribest GSE-5000  Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra
Product Features Image

1. Hamilton Beach 



Easy to clean

Powerful electric motor (800W)

Extra-large 3 inch feed chute

Cheap but high Quality and Durable.


2. Breville JE98XL


Extra wide 3 inch feeder chute

850 watt dual speed motor

Safety locking arm 


3. Aicok Slow


3 Years Warrenty

Less oxidation

Reverse function 


4. Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar

BPA free
Anti leakage
10 years warranty 


5. Breville BCP600SIL

No Drip juice spout 

Dishwasher safe

Safety locking system 


6. Tribest GSE-5000

Magnetic Twin Gears

Multi functioning

Easy to clean 


7. Breville BJE530BSS

Cold spin technology   

10 Top Best Juicer 2021 Reviews

Here is the list of the best juicer 2021

1 – Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer – Best Choice

We all love a home made smoothie. And how about if you can get it with no effort very quickly? The Luxury Juicer, Hamilton Beach is at your disposal to deliver these advantages.

In short, it’s a juicer that’s going to provide you with nutrient-packed drinks to make your home better. Hamilton Juicer has the trick to motivate you whether you like a revitalizing drink or a rich nutrient.


Dual Speed Capability

If you like to get soothing juice or nutrient-rich green smoothies, the two-speed capability makes it a versatile unit. In short, for firm foods, higher speed can be used, and for delicate ingredients, the lowest speed can be used. Choose between the conventional or the cold press.

Wide Chute

The effort of planning for the extraction is minimized by 3 inches of feeding chute. Fruits like whole apples, peaches, pears, etc. can be pressed as a whole.

High Efficiency

This juicer is very quick and will help you to get juice extrated very quickly.

Adjustable Spout 

To stop dripping out, the spout is drip-free. You can be safe from the mss by just closing the inbuilt spout. Most importantly you can remove the spout and clean it easily.

Easy Cleaning Tool

Hamilton Beach Premium Juicer has the special patented Easy Sweep Cleaning Tool which will help you with cleaning the machine.


This is a laboratory tested tool that delivers balanced juice and does not heat it up. It’s an easy unit for home juice. In addition, soy milk, rice milk, or almond milk may be made. We have therefore chosen it for our best juicers 2021 list.

2 – Breville JE98XL Juice Fountain Plus – Fast Performer

This is one of the finest potential juicer on the market. It’s an easy device to use. You can put all the major fruits in the machine due to its large mouth. In addition, it comes with a built-in froth separator. It does not allow the pulp to hold in and makes it quick and easy to clean.

Most importantly, this juicer comes with several other distinctive characteristics that we will explore below.



Crafted of high-grade polymers, this gorgeous body with a sleek build makes your awesome addon for your kitchen tools.

Wide Chute:

It also has a very large feeding tube. This three-inch wide tube allows you to bring in whole fruits such as grapes, pears, peaches, etc. In just 5 seconds, you can get 8 ounces of your favorite juice easily.

best juicer 2021

Stainless-steel Disc:

Furthermore, the juicer arrives with a micro-meshfilter-sectioned stainless steel disk. This striking design includes up to 30% additional juice and a 40-percent boost in the amount of vitamins and minerals used in contrast with other juicers. Simply put this will help you to extract extra juice.

Safety Lock System:

The juicer’s safety locking mechanism does not allow the juicer to start till the lid has been carefully secured. This function guarantees a stable and safe juicing in the kitchen. Specially this works as a child lock.


This machine comes with following accessories.

  • 1 litre juice jug
  • Safety locking arm
  • Pulp container
  • Froth separator

An Incredible Performer

Breville Juicer Fountain is an unbelievable kitchen performer. Dual speed 850 Watts engine with a powerful stainless steel durable disc is amazingly fast. Eight ounces of juice can be collected in 5 seconds. The voltage operates between 110 and 120.

Dual Speed Function

A 2-speed control feature is designed for this Juicer. The low speed is for soft-structured fruits, and for hard vegetables and denser fruits, you can use very high-speed mode.


No doubt this is a high-quality durable juicer. You can extract juice from both hard and soft fruit (and vegetables). It is a user-friendly kitchen tool in addition to its incredible efficiency which can conveniently be assembled, stripped. Also cleaning this machine is very easy when compared with others.

3 – Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer – User Oriented.

This is another top tier product, thats why we put it in 3rd place of our best juicer 2021 list.

This awesome juicer has a modern spiral mechanism that provides you with improved extraction of nutrients and a high juice yield. The equally important feature of this juicer is that, by its chewing system, it avoids damage to the ingredients by reducing oxidation when scraping juice.

Most importantly what we recognized is that this juicer is very user-friendly. The following are some of its other features.


Special Spiral System.

This modernized spiral method maximizes juice extraction and eliminates ingredient oxidation. The 7-segment opening of a spiral ensures that you are getting the every last bit from fruit/ vege juice.

Perfect Pulp Separation

Aicok understands that your kids do not like fruits. We all prefer juices instead of whole fruits or pulp. So this is perfect since it has the capability of filtering juice from the pulp.

4. Tribest SW-2000 Slowstar, fourth of best juicer 2021

Another superstar from our best juicer 2021 list is here. Cold-pressed juice extraction gives the best results. And that’s the best thing this juicer does. This machine has a slow 47 RPM motor which result in minimum oxidation.

It has many functions like higher torque power, free of BPA, Zero Leakage, and many more options and features make it a perfect choice for juicing.


Higher Torque Power

This juicer makes a torque of 30 lbs. It helps the machine to keep performing longer. The auger is kept at a low 47 RPM by 200W motor with 3 control mechanisms for varying speed.

best juicer 2021

Double Edged, Double Blades

It mahcine has a super sharp two double edged which gives better prformance when comparing with other competing brands. It increases the efficiency of breaking down fruit and vegetables.

Leakage Proof Juicer Cap

The bowl cap stops runoff. In addition, the juice cap is easy to wipe. If you like to shake the juice for a mixture of juice, you have the caapbility of leaving the cap tight.

100% BPA Free

Dual Function

Tribest Slowstar has dual functionality in comparison to all the incredible jobs it does. It not only extracts juice for you, but can also help you produce sauces, but also butter, or sorbets. Also, this is good for the cloud bread mix.

I hope now you are clear on what is the best juicer in 2021. If you think this article help you do not forget to share it with your friends.

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