SOL vs ETH: Best Exchanging Option for AVAX Holders

Solana and Avalanche came out as strong competitors to Ethereum during the 2021 crypto bullish cycle. Both of these blockchains provided high transaction capacity, while at the same time retaining excellent cost efficiency. 

However, Ethereum has since solved one of its main shortcomings. Its inefficient proof-of-work consensus mechanism saw its last days in September 2022. Now, the #1 smart contract network is running on proof-of-stake, which allows it to catch up to its competitors, with an already established user and developer base. 

So, users are now asking themselves how AVAX vs Solana compare with each other and whether they should exchange their Avalanche tokens. Moreover, it’s become interesting to further compare AVAX to Ethereum to see which one of these smart contract platforms is the better choice for the long term. 

What Is the Position of Avalanche Now?

Avalanche is a fairly recent project in the blockchain space, released in the last quarter of 2020. As such, it benefitted from the strong bullish cycle that followed, performed admirably during the 2021 bull run, and reached the top 20 cryptos by market cap. 

However, this smart contract platform didn’t simply ride the hype to become successful on such short notice. This blockchain provides some of the highest throughputs in all the industry, while at the same time conserving low transaction costs. This is mainly due to its novel architecture that relies on three collaborative networks, running on the Snowball consensus mechanism. 

In a nutshell, Avalanche uses three separate blockchains that have different tasks — value transactions, staking, and smart contract execution. This allows the network to retain high efficiency in all scenarios, without each one of these chains impeding the other ones. 

That said, like other cryptocurrencies, AVAX experienced a strong downturn in its price action in the 2022 bear market. Its price is a far cry from its all-time high of $146 and is now down to $17 per token at the moment of writing. Experts are providing growth forecasts of up to $73.45 by 2025 and $480.03 by 2030. 

SOL/ETH Market Rating

To help you see which one, SOL or ETH, is the better choice, let’s have a look at some expert price predictions made by forecasting algorithms. 

SOL Future Price

Solana has dropped quite significantly in value, from the all-time high of $260 to $30. That said, analysts still conserve their bullish sentiment in the long term for this smart contract token. provides a forecast of $128 for 2025, which could quadruple your investment in two years’ time. For the long term, they expect SOL to reach $894 by 2030. has a similar view, with a price of $136.98 by 2025. For 2030, on the other hand, they predict a target of $447.70. 

ETH Price Forecast

While Ethereum has seen some noteworthy improvement to its protocol, the price hasn’t really reflected this yet. However, in the long term, experts are enthusiastic, considering the huge market share this network holds in terms of the development community. 

As such, expects ETH to reach $5,635.13 by 2025 and a staggering $39,113.26 by 2030. This could mean that Ethereum might even flip Bitcoin for the 1st spot among cryptos by market cap. is providing similar targets for 2025 — $5,627.82 as a max price. In the long term, the website is more conservative, with a forecast of $18,355.92 per ETH in 2030. 

To Swap or Not to Swap?

So, should you convert your AVAX to ETH or SOL? If we follow experts’ predictions, the best opportunity lies in ETH, which should provide 30x returns by 2030. However, both SOL and AVAX are close behind, with 28x and 25x respectively. 

The best approach would be to diversify your portfolio between these three and maintain investment opportunities in each one of these assets.