Elf cam app, How to get Santa Spy Cam?

Elf cam app, Santa Spy Cam

Christmas is almost here. So you better have your Elf cam app ready to catch Santas at work. Yea! you read correctly, using this app you will be able to catch Elves aka who are working for Santa! What is Elf Cam App? Normally, most of the kids stay up till 12 midnight to catch … Read more

Cat Translator App How to get Meow Talk App

Cat Translator App

Cat Translator App is a good example that developers are constantly being creative with what they develop. This app helps you to understand what your cat is saying. Pretty cool right? The real name of this app is the Meow Talk App. What is Cat Translator App As mentioned above using this app you can … Read more

How to get Parler App for Android

Parler App For Andorid

So recently, I was browsing the internet and suddenly realized that there is an app named the Parler app. So I decided to do some research on it and find out whether I can get Parler App for Android. Yes, you can use Parler App on your Android device. Following is the full tutorial. What … Read more

Lollipop App, How to get the scary zoom game?

Lollipop App is one of the most searched scary games this week. So I decided to write a quick article which includes for information about this horror game. Also check Top 10 Scary Snapchat Lenses. What is Lollipop game on Zoom? I hope you are familiar with moves like host and Unfriended. If you recall … Read more

How to Change the Instagram App Icon

How to Change the Instagram App Icon

As we all know Instagram I celebrating its 10th Anniversary. According to them it was a very successful year for them. With the latest update they are allowing you to change your app icon during October. Even you cant use your own images you can select multiple old instagram logos as your app icon. Actually … Read more

Snapchat Neon Filter, Unlock the Lens Today!

Snapchat Neon Filter is for everyone who is looking to add neon lines to their Snapshots. Currently, everything about neon is going viral. So that’s why decided to release the full guided on how to get Neon line lens on Snapchat. What is Neon Filter App in Snapchat? Day by day Snapchat lens creators are … Read more

Neon App Icons, How to get them?

Neon App Icons are used to replace your traditional Android App logos with trendy good looking neon green aesthetic logos. Check out the below image. That is a perfect example! In this tutorial I will teach you how to covert your mobile homepage so it will look like above. Also check Anime App Icons How … Read more

Brain Test Level 314 Answer

Brain Test Level 314 Answer article is for everyone who could not pass the puzzle “Push the buttons”. I have included images and videos to make it easier for you to understand the answer. Brain Test Level 314 Question So this is the quiz we have to find the answer. In a simple look, we … Read more