Can AI Technology Write Essays Better Than You?

Technical advancement has changed our world a lot. Nowadays, many people have stopped spending their energy on various activities. For instance, why sit two hours over a three-page essay when an AI paper writer can nail that in fifteen minutes? Moreover, a robot’s help will not cost you a fortune. So, when students google “write my essay for me cheap,” maybe they should click on an AI essay writer? Let us see if essay writer AI’s power is enough to do that tedious assignment for you.

1. An AI Essay Generator Must Create Unique Content, But Does It?

When you pick an AI essay writer, the description of the program will claim to write unique pieces. Still, even common anti-plagiarism programs like Grammarly will highlight some copied parts. Alas, an AI essay generator uses standard phrases and overused words, making all texts less unique.

Moreover, an AI essay generator does not understand the concept of quoting. Thus, it might use a quote without references. In the end, you will have to research extra to mention the author. So, an essay writer AI has yet to become as masterful in uniqueness as human writers of the

2. AI Paper Writing Is Relatively New, So It Needs More Elucidation

Of course, an AI paper writer costs money. If that kind of service were free, it would compensate for the diversity of drawbacks. And there are not that many students who write essays with artificial intelligence. Like, read Students prefer human writers to AI ones. The artificial intelligence topic, in turn, has a minimal number of comments. So, you might lack feedback materials to analyze the offered AI essay generator.

3. AI Paper Writing Means an Extra Hour of Editing

Do not suppose that every AI essay writer is literate. Robots learn from humans on the Internet. Imagine analyzing tons of data that contain grammatical, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes. And oh, do not forget the typos! The AI believes those text materials are equally relevant parallel to scientific articles. In addition, an AI essay generator gives zero interest in what APA and MLA are. Thus, that part will be your work too.

4. An Essay Writing AI Might Suggest an Unusual and Fitting Idea (but it Might Be Fake)

Yet again, essay writing AI and robots scan tons of texts to develop a new one for you. Thus, it might demonstrate wit by adding a compelling fact. Still, you must research that fact to ensure it is not fake. Remember that an AI does not understand the difference between fakes and accurate info. So, its idea might be stellar, but no one cancels potential hoaxes.

5. The Robotic Writing Style Shows That You Have Used an Essay Writing AI

Never expect an AI that writes essays to startle you with Edgar Allan Poe’s word adeptness. An AI paper generator sticks to simplicity for various reasons. First and foremost, many programs of that kind exist to write captions for social media posts and advertising. So, its manner must meet advertisement standards that imply plainness in wording. Second, robots do not have a distinctive style. And if your professor has memorized your wording peculiarities, your cheating will be apparent.

6. AI that Writes Essays Uses Outdated Information Often

Alas, robots do not comprehend the relevance concept. Thus, they use old data. Suppose you must elucidate an occurrence that took place in 2022. The robot writes about stories that happened in 2016. Again, you will have to research alone and write half of a paragraph so that an AI essay writer completes your idea.

7. An Essay AI has Zero Knowledge of Formatting

Formatting is your part again. Sure, you get the raw text to edit and proofread. Then you have to format it alone or ask for special services that deal with formatting. Given that an AI essay writer is rarely cheap, that flows into the issue of extra expenses. Using a human essay writing service might be more lucrative.

8. An AI Essay Generator Repeats Itself Occasionally

The program will spend your credits to duplicate phrases with minimal profit. If the bot allows restoring those credits, you are lucky. But often, the robot will gorge your resources and give you mediocre text with repeatable parts.

The Verdict

AI essay writers have yet to replace humans’ work. So, there must be control when you use an AI essay generator. It might not be the wisest idea when the program demands $200 for monthly functioning. So, do you still wish to use an AI?