How To Know If My Teenage Kid is Dating Someone?


Are you looking for dating advice for a teenager? If yes, then this article is for you. Well, teen dating is filled with many failures and successes. As parents, it is your duty to ensure they are doing well in this stage of their life and let them muddle through teenage relationships with proper guidance. This article contains a general guide about dating someone. Check the guide below for detailed insight.

Dating Advice for Teenagers

Note that a relationship can lead to getting hurt, heartbroken, or manipulated. But remember, all this plays an important role in your growth. Learn about some early dating tips from your parents or close friends. Keep in mind that communication is key. Don’t make any assumptions. Discuss things openly. Try to be friends with the other person and forward things step by step.

Tips for Worried Parents

As the child grows, they experience new things. Each new thing feels like a big step forward. There are different approaches/tips that you can perform cloning cell phones text messages to keep your anxiety in control and manage things well. Some of them are listed below.

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  • Maintain a good and healthy relationship with your kids and ask them about their dating life. 
  • Provide them with the desired sexual education.
  • Do not ignore their relationships.
  • Try to be open with them. Provide them with a space where they tell you everything without any fear.

Most parents suffer from parental anxiety whenever their teen starts to date. It is in the form of worry, stress, and fear about their role as guardians or parents. As a parent, your job is to understand your child and provide them the early dating tips.

What Are the Bad and Good Signs of Dating Life?

Good Signs

Parents must make time for a conversation with their teens about healthy and unhealthy relationships by reviewing some of the major signs listed below. Some of the good signs in a relationship are as follows.

  • There is freedom and space in their relationship.
  • Both of them value each other’s beliefs and opinions and give respect to one another.
  • Your teen shows you they care and concern about the other person, and you start hearing their name more often.
  • They are responsible for their actions and words.

All these above-listed signs are of a healthy relationship. Give the basic early dating tips to your teenager. If your teen is dating the right person, he will automatically grow and perform well in all the other areas of life.

Bad Signs

Staying in an unhealthy relationship will affect your teen’s overall health. It brings him down and makes his life worse. Some of the bad signs in a relationship are as follows.

  • The other person is trying to isolate your child.
  • If your teen is the one who apologizes more often to smooth things over.
  • Things get serious too fast in their relationship.
  • Your teen spends a lot of time using their phone.
  • You witness some signs of physical abuse.

Being a parent, if you suspect that your teen’s relationship is abusive, whether he is the perpetrator or the victim, speak to him. Discuss things properly. Tell your teen about dating life by discussing all the good and healthy signs of the relationship, so they can make better decisions in the future.


Teens having a crush on someone or starting to date someone is normal for adolescents. Parents normally face difficulty in accepting this new change. They are concerned about their child’s safety and want to protect them at any cost. But all this does not mean that you stop your teen from experiencing new things or dating someone. Being a parent, your job is to guide them well. Teach them the basics of dos and don’ts. Provide them with space where they discuss their issues with you without any fear.