What is a Text Mail Subscriber? Are they Fake?

Text mail subscribers are people who sign up to receive marketing or informative texts from companies. This is where we can help.

The idea behind text marketing is relatively simple: mobile phones are the most personal devices that we associate with ourselves and our needs and desires, and they’re more versatile than any other device (we can wear them, talk on them while driving, sleep with them — you name it). Text messages cost mostly pennies per message, while flyers or pamphlets cost a few dollars. More importantly for marketers: 69% of mobile phone owners say they’ve made a purchase after receiving a text message about it (compared to 43% who said the same thing about email).

The fact is, text mail subscribers are the perfect marketing medium because they respond to mobile marketing and offer optimal engagement.

A major benefit of text messaging is that it doesn’t interrupt people while they’re doing something else. Think of how you react when you get a phone call at the cinema: you get frustrated and annoyed, right? Getting a text message will give the recipient an option to respond, read later or completely ignore it. This means that all we have to do is make sure that our message is engaging enough for users to want to engage with it further.

Text messages are great for delivering current and timely updates. They’re less likely to be overlooked than emails. When people receive text message updates, it seems as if the information has been specifically picked out for them.

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What Text Mail Subscriber Voicemail

Voicemail is used worldwide for sending text messages to subscribers by using the telephone network. However, while using shortcodes to send texts is common in North America, it is not in Europe.

Text to speech voice messages are the ‘killer app’ of the Voicemail world. They are what will separate average Voicemail programs from great Voicemail programs, so it pays to start this part of your Voicemail strategy before you have 100s of customers on board.
A text message can be used by entering a phone number and sending a message with one or more 160 character lines that will be read out loud when the receiver listens to their voicemail box. The receiver can return the call or reply to the message by text to continue the conversation.

In North America, this is a large part of the Voicemail strategy compared to Europe. In fact, using voice messages has been banned in some countries in Europe. This is due to the high cost of receiving ‘free’ voice messages that are included with SMS packages as data, rather than part of an SMS package as a paid service.

The use of voice messages has been banned in some countries in Europe. This is due to the high cost of receiving ‘free’ voice messages that are included with SMS packages as data, rather than part of an SMS package as a paid-for service.

How to Track a Text Mail Subscriber?

  • using web-based search engines : The web is among the top sites to find all kinds of information, and a text message subscriber’s identity is not an issue. If you’ve received an email with a number you’ve seen it is possible to conduct the lookup on a search engine lookup.This will help you identify if the message has any type of connection to social media, forums, platforms, or any other online account that has a registered name.
  • Direct Method: In case the information on the internet don’t suffice to identify information about the identities of any SMS mail subscriber The next step is contact for them directly. Send them a text message and tell them the reason you’re interested in knowing the identity of them. If they’re trying to defraud you, the odds of this strategy not working are nil.
  • Tracking Applications: Another great method to discover the identity of a text mail subscriber is to use a variety of mobile number tracking applications. These apps are filled with hundreds number of telephone numbers. When you input an incoming number, the app will attempt to find it the databases of their database and return the most appropriate result. Finding a unique number can could be difficult and it is suggested that to use the most tracking apps you can.
  • Legal Method:Taking the help of authorities in the legal field is like the final nail that is inserted into the coffin. When the actions of a subscriber to text messages is a cause of disruption at the next level This method of action becomes almost unavoidable. You can get an order from a court and demand the company that provides text messaging in question to assist you determine the identity of the fraudster.

If you’ve been paying attention to the news lately, you might have heard a rumor going around about a recent text mail subscriber scam that’s been making the rounds. If this is happening to you, it can be really easy to feel unsure about what to do next. So let’s clear up any confusion and shed some light on this rumor itself! In this blog post, we’re going to talk about what text mail subscriber scams are and how they work, how they target their victims, and why they’re dangerous. We’ll also talk about what you can do if the scammer contacts you again in the future.

What are text mail subscriber scams?

Text mail subscriber scams take advantage of the popularity of text messaging and the way that it’s used in popular apps and services, like Facebook or Instagram, to get you to give up your information. These scammers call you using a spoofed number, pretending to be someone you’d usually be talking to or texting, and convince you that they can help with some communication problem. You might even see messages like “We’ve detected your account is blocked” or “Your account has been disabled”. This can trick you into thinking that your phone’s been blocked or your email account hacked so you’re forced to call them back.


While text Mail Subscribers and be usual it is your responsibility to keep away from the scam related to it. Alway make sure that you are sharing your information with the right people.


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