What Gears Do You Need for a Home Espresso Setup? 

It may be a challenge to make your espresso at home, especially when unfamiliar with which accessories or gears you might need. Although it may be difficult at first, it is also rewarding once you get the hang of it. Luckily, if you are to have a complete espresso setup, there is no need for you to be fussing over the quality of your espresso, and it will lessen your load while brewing your coffee. Tune in then, as we give you a set of gears that you need to complete that setup.

Milk Frother

For lovers of cream-based espresso, this is definitely a must-have for your setup. There may be some machines that have already incorporated one, but you can also purchase this separately. Imagine having a cappuccino or latte on your couch by having this one.

Electric Kettle

If you’re a fan of the pour-over method, then an electric kettle would be an essential part of your coffee nook. And while there are tons of options out there, you should take care in choosing one because they’re not made equal. For example, the electric kettles from Fellow Stagg are more popular in the market because of their modern designs, precision flow rates, and advanced features like an LCD screen. Here’s an in-depth guide on Fellow Stagg kettles which will further help you pick the best one for your needs.

Espresso Grinder

Having a coffee grinder beside your espresso machine is totally worth it, especially when you get your hand on some premium beans that need extra grinding care. The espresso grounds should be fine grain, and merely blending the beans will not do the trick. That is why you should also find the right coffee beans to complement your espresso grinder. On this matter, you should note that regular coffee beans differ from espresso beans.

Tamper Mat/Tamping Mat

Tamping mats are usually an added recommendation when you buy a tamper. With the heavy tamping activity, you will want to protect your counter. Plus, this will help cushion your tamping on hard counters.


A portaholder is one of the essential espresso add-ons. It is responsible for holding the pressed coffee, which you insert into the brew head of the machine. It has two categories which are: pressured portaholder and non-pressured portaholder. The difference is that the common portaholders are not pressurized, while the pressurized ones are for portaholders with fewer holes. This small equipment also comes with three types of baskets for shots. Portaholders can have a single-shot basket, double-shot basket, and triple-shot basket, depending on the amount of caffeine you want in your coffee.


The use of scale in espresso can benefit its quality. This gadget is also ideally used for pour-over coffees. It also helps in the consistency of taste of every cup you brew.

Final Thoughts

You may be thinking that it is unnecessary, not only financially but manually, having a complete set for espresso. But in the long run, you will find that the accessories and gears are all complementary. For coffee enthusiasts, an espresso setup is just a small thing to have when you really want the quality type of sip served to you. With so many flavors that you can produce, it is enticing to have your own espresso set.