Ark Survival Tips Every Beginner Should Know

There are very few action-adventure games that give you anything close to what you’ll experience in Ark: Survival Evolved. Players enjoy an exotic adventure in a strange land filled with prehistoric animals, which they can use as a mount for riding on land and even flying. As interesting as this sounds, it’s unforgiving for players without survival tips.

In this article, we’ll not only provide survival tips, but we’ll also give you some tricks that will help your gameplay improve faster. We also recommend that you Buy Ark Survival Evolved Hacks from Battlelog to play better.

Tips for beginners in Ark: Survival Evolved

  • Get a pickaxe

There are no threats within the first few minutes after you spawn on the beach. However, you’ll need to keep your character up for the task ahead. You’ll need tools to help you gather food and other useful materials such as Flint, Stone, Wood, Fiber, and Thatch. Your first and most important tool should be the pickaxe.

Simply stroll out to the shore and pick up rocks. To do this, press the E button when you are close to the rock you want to pick. Once you’ve gathered the rocks, walk to the nearest tree and hit it until it falls. After the tree has fallen, hit it a few more times and use its materials to make your pickaxe.

  • Get your character fed.

Like many other survival games out there, Ark also needs you to feed your character. While you’re just starting, you won’t have the engrams required to kill bigger animals for the meat and hide they provide. This leaves you with the only readily available alternative – the Dodo. 

The Dodo is a rich source of raw meat in Ark and is defenseless. A few punches to the Dodo’s head will kill it, leaving you with your first meal in the Ark. Also, you can gather nuts and berries from the surrounding bushes if you run out of options for raw meat.

  • Build yourself a home

This is a general tip and should be a no-brainer. However, the point is where you situate your home. The first thing you must consider is the safety of the environment. Secondly, you should consider the availability of basic resources such as clean water, food, and building materials you’ll need as you progress.

One cool position that can give you an advantage for a base location is an area of the map known as South Zone 3. The area has a cliff that towers against the shore and is well covered by large rocks and bushes. These will help keep you out of sight of dinosaurs and other players.

  • You’ll need an animal ally

You’ll need the help of those large animals if you must achieve mush in Ark. Dinosaurs can help you travel faster and also farm for items, among others. However, the catch is in knowing how to tame them. Firstly, you need to knock them out by hitting them with a blunt object. But don’t hit too hard to avoid killing the animal.

After that, you must feed the animal to gain their trust. For herbivores, give them berries such as mejoberries and narcoberries. Carnivores will go with raw meat instead. Do this until the taming bar fills up. We suggest that you tame Triceratops. They have horns that will help you farm and also fight against enemy dinos.

  • Sleeping bags are important.

You’re probably thinking of what you’ll need a sleeping bag for in a game where you don’t have to sleep. Here’s why: you’ll die a lot in the game whether or not you do everything the right way. 

You’ll spawn at the beach if an enemy or a monster kills you when you don’t have a sleeping bag. To avoid getting lost on your way back to your base, you’ll need to place your sleeping bag at strategic locations. When next an enemy kills you, you’ll spawn at your sleeping bag’s location.


Ark needs you to get your character some food and make yourself a pickaxe and an ax. Moreover, have in mind that you’ll get to die many times. So, don’t panic about a Trike shredding you to pieces; just make sure you have a sleeping bag somewhere advantageous. 

When looking for a place to site your base, avoid too exposed locations. We recommend South Zone 3 or deep in the forest. However, make sure you have all the basic items within close reach. Lastly, get yourself a dinosaur – you’ll need help against bigger foes and for farming.