Why and How to Block Someone on MacBook

Certain apps such as FaceTime and Messages have become the leading choice of people for seamless communication. But, these applications sometimes make the situation worse when some unwanted spammers start interacting with you. 

Getting rid of them is easier on MacBook by blocking them. In this article, you will discover how to block someone on MacBook to avoid unnecessary interactions and spam risks.  

Why Block Someone on a MacBook?

Blocking spam calls or messages on MacBook helps in preventing an individual from accessing your system or interacting with you. Clicking on the links given on spam messages may download Malware on your device. It may also lead to several cyber security threats. Hence, blocking is good for security and a healthier state of mind. Don’t forget to change login picture from the lock screen, as hackers may use your personal photo for hacking.

Block Messages in iMessage on Mac

Are you receiving unwanted messages from a specific person in iMessage? Don’t worry, as you can stop dealing with this problem by blocking messages from certain people or numbers by downloading several apps. For this, go to the Messages app on your Mac and choose Conversation. Then, tap on the Block Person option and last click the Block button. To manage blocked callers, select Messages, click Preferences and then tap iMessage. Now, click Blocked.

Block an Unwanted FaceTime Caller

Not only unwanted texts, but you can also get rid of the unnecessary FaceTime Caller on a MacBook. You can block them easily using FaceTime. First, open FaceTime and go to the Recents menu. Tap a call from an individual you want to block. Then, right-click on the call. Tap on the Block This Caller option from the drop-down list. If you right-click again on the call, you will get the option to Unblock This Caller. It means that person is blocked now.

Block a Contact Not on the Caller History

Do you want to block a certain person whose contact number is not on the caller’s history? Simply tap on the FaceTime option in the Menu bar. Next, tap on the Preferences option and then click the Blocked button. Now, click on the plus (+) button and choose the contact you want to block. Once you do this, the name, email address, and number of that contact will be included in the block list. Now, that person would not be able to contact you.

Block a Specific Contact Not in Messages

How would you block a specific contact not available in your messages list? Open the Messages app on your MacBook and tap on the Messages option in the Menu bar. Tap on the Preferences option and then click on the iMessage tab. Next, hit on the Blocked tab and click the plus (+) button. Choose the contact you want to block in Messages. It will add their name, associated email address, and number to the blocked list.

Change iCloud Settings

The Contacts app will update automatically when you change contacts stored on iCloud on any device. If you have blocked someone on your iPhone, the blocked contacts can move to Mac on turning on iCloud contacts. Hence, it is important to adjust iCloud Settings by accessing the Apple menu. Select System Preferences and then choose iCloud. Click on the Contacts option. The Contact details will move to iCloud automatically.

Can I Block the Website on a MacBook?

Just like with unwanted Messages and FaceTime callers, blocking a website on a MacBook can be done easily and quickly. This can be possible via Screen Time settings. To block a website, go to the System Preferences on your Mac. Then, click Screen Time and Content & Privacy. Next, choose Limit Adult Websites and Customize. It will open up a window where you can set permissions and restrictions on a certain website as per need.    

Can’t Block Someone on iMessage?

Have you blocked someone on iMessage, but that contact is not added to your Mac blocked list? iMessages are sent over a WiFi data connection or 3G network. Hence, carriers cannot block them. To block someone, it is necessary to block their contact number through your carrier. After blocking, turn off iMessage in your Mac Settings app. You can also try to stop syncing multiple accounts on your Mac, as it can override what you’re doing.   

The Conclusion

Messages and FaceTime can be misused by telemarketers, text message scammers, and spammers. To avoid any misfortune, you can block those troublesome contacts using the abovementioned ways. In case you change your mind, you can unblock a contact later. The methods or steps discussed in this article may vary slightly based on the Mac version you are using. These instructions are for a MacBook running macOS 12.2 (Monterey).