How to take the ‘What are your red flags’ personality quiz : Detailed Guide

A personality quiz called ‘What are your Red Flags?’ is taking over the internet since yesterday on Twitter and Google Trends. So many people want to learn how to do this trivia and get their results.

Why does the internet love these personality quizzes?

People love personality tests. They’re quick, easy to understand, and they offer a much more personal perspective on what makes a person tick. Psychologists have long been using them as a way to study human behavior and how it impacts healing, relationships, and self-confidence. But why do people like personality quizzes? They’re fun! Personality quizzes tap into the primal urge we deeply desire to be acknowledged for who we really are.

This recent popular What are your red flags’ personality quiz is a good example of this.


The trivia comes from a fellow quiz maker ‘Maks’ who designed it on uQuiz, which is an online tool to create puzzles easily.

Usually, a “Red Flag” is something in your life that is negative that you should fix or solve almost immediately.

What to know how to do the quiz? Read This article

What are the red flags in life? Red flags are signs that something is not right. These red flags may come from warning signs, to inner feelings or intuition. Every day, people are faced with these types of situations and have to make decisions on whether or not they should continue the process or move on to another alternative.

Red flags can be present in relationships, finance, health care, education levels among other areas of life. Sometimes it’s easy to identify these issues earlier but sometimes it takes time for these problems to surface which could result in a less-than-fortunate outcome for everyone involved if not fixed quickly enough.

How to take part in ‘What are your red flags’ personality quiz 

It is very easy to do this quiz. You just have to browse Uquiz for participating.

This is the link to the Quiz.

After completing the quiz you can even share your results on Twitter and show off that you have completed the puzzle and know your red flag in life.

Below is a sample post.

Hope now you are clear on How to take the ‘What are your red flags’ personality quiz.