Random Overwatch Hero Generator 2021 All Heroes

Random Overwatch Hero Generator

Can’t decide which hero to play? Just use our random overwatch hero generator below. Ez clap, just pray that you won’t get Brigitta.

Wanna learn about the heroes? Following are the basic information of Overwatch Heroes.

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Ana is a sniper of the middle to long length, able to cure in every range and keeps the damages fairly high. Your Biotic Grenada can enhance its healing impacts not only with its own healing darts, but also through other medicines and environmental cures, such as payloads and health packages. She has a side arm to shoot a sleep dart, so that the enemy who hit it is useless temporarily if someone wakes it up.


Another excellent hero in Random Overwatch Hero Generator. Ashe is a hero who needs excellent mechanical skills for an effective performance. The Viper is very strong at lengthy mid-range, especially when the player utilizes its ADS fire (aim-down view). Dynamite is a hazardous, versatile capacity that is capable of threatening room (like tight corridors and sluice) and causing reasonable radius damage, as well as causing time de buff harm.


Bastion is a two-form hero. Its default form is a portable bipedal with a sub-piston, while the second is an immobile tower. Both operate in unusual ways and must be used as much as possible. Reconfigure is the most remarkable component of Bastion’s kit, making it a stationary tower gun. This tower has some of the highest damage rates, which can shred shields as well as heroes, but can not take a critical shot!


Brigitte is a versatile armoring ally hero. It is a frontline tool that provides tank protection instead of backline protection, contrary to other supports. The large healing aura of Inspire makes keeping together most useful for her team. In her near-fighting, despite her strength, she has little or no way of damaging the enemy. She has hardly any way to assist her team if she has been hacked. Ew, this is the most hateful hero you can get from Random Overwatch Hero Generator.


Doomfist is a fighter who excels in his fighting combos when he takes enemy objectives down. He can ensure the immediate death of a non-tank hero by knocking them on a wall with his signature capability Rocket Punch. Rising Uppercut not only damages doomfist but also allows for greater ground security. Seismic Slam is another twofold capability that offers both extra mobility and deals with harm depending on air time. It is actually lucky if you get this character from our Random Overwatch Hero Generator.

Random Overwatch Hero Generator doomfist
Random Overwatch Hero Generator doomfist

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