The Voice Voting App: How to download and Vote?

The Voice Voting App is the app you have to download and install in order to vote for The Voice singing contest. In this post, we will cover what is this app, how to download it, and how to use it.

The Voice reality show was created by American Idol creator, Mark Burnett. It is a singing competition that began airing in 2017 on NBC with producers Jimmy Iovine and Debbie Brogdon serving as executive producers.

Four judges are designated each week to teach the contestants about musical theatre, Broadway, and music in general.

The show’s format includes auditions followed by weekly eliminations of singers until the four contestants remain with two being sent home per week until one remains to be declared “The Voice”.

What is The Voice Voting App?

The Voice Voting App is mainly used to Vote for contestants during live voice game shows. You can just select your favorite contestant and click on his/ her icon to proceed with Voting.

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There are some other features of the app.

  • Be a voter while you listen and watch epic singing performances of The Voice Contestants!
  • Make suggestions for songs you would like to hear, meet and know the artists, follow the coaches and so and more!
  • Join the team that finds and develops the next generation of superstars. Watch the competition live and create your own dream team of performers!
  • Join with your colleagues online on The Voice trivia section and answer in surveys to get points.

How to download The Voice App?

Fortunately, The voice App is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can use the below links to download from the official App Store.

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