Cash App 99% Deal Coming in Next Week!

Cash App 99 off deal was first announced to the world by Cashapp’s official Twitter page.

According to them you just have to Order a Visa Card through the cash app and turn on the notifications to receive the 99% off deal. So we assume that this deal will go live soon.

If you can remember correctly this same deal happened last year as well. So what happened was Cash App gave back 99 off of your purchases up to 50$. So we assume this year also it should be similar.

How to get Cash App 99 off Deal?

  1. Download the cashapp.
  2. Order a new Card through the app.
  3. Wait for it to arrive.
  4. Turn on notifications.
  5. Wait for the notification saying about the new deal.

I hope now you are clear on the cash app 99 off deal and how to receive it. If you think this post was useful please share it with your friends.