Voyager Digital app: Earn 100 Dollars from Mark Cuban

Voyager Digital app is a software that you can use to trade crypto seamlessly. According to them, you can Download Voyager Sign up for a free account within minutes, and then trade in crypto.

Voyager is a simple and secure method to invest in 60+ cryptocurrencies and earn as much as 12 percent annually. Sell and buy ETH, BTC, DOGE as well as 60+ altcoins. This app is developed by Voyager Digital, LLC.

Get the largest variety of altcoins in an easy-to-use, secure investment platform. If you choose to use Voyager you could earn as much as 12 percent annually on your investments as well as trade without commissions and much more.

Features of Voyager Digital app


Simply buying and selling more than 60 cryptocurrency assets. Voyager integrates with multiple exchanges and gives users unrivaled access to price-sensitive crypto. The price displayed in the app is what you’ll pay.


Voyager Earn offers top rates on your cryptocurrency. Simply buy and then keep the Voyager Earn asset in your portfolio and you could earn as much as 12 percent annually.


Automate the investment of your assets at the frequency that is most suitable for you (daily or monthly, weekly or on payday) and not have to think about the timing of the market.


Get crypto added to your account to make trades using your Voyager app. Do you need to make a payment to a friend or a crypto-friendly merchant? Transfer it to the wallet you prefer directly through Voyager. Voyager account.


You can access the cryptocurrency market via an open company that is certified, transparent, and audited. All funds are secured by sophisticated protection and security. Our banking partner safeguards your USD by providing FDIC insurance for up to $250,000.


Control your portfolio’s performance using sophisticated data and graphics. Keep track of your gains and losses for each cryptocurrency asset in relation to what you are paying for your portfolio.

How to get Free Voyager digital app 100 dollars?

  1. Download Voyager: Crypto Made Simple App from below link.
  2. Enter the Promo Code.
  3. Deposite $100
  4. Do some trading.
  5. Recieve 100$ worth bitcoin.

The Mark Cuban-owned Dallas Mavericks said on Wednesday that they’d give away bitcoins to anyone that download their Voyager Digital app this week.

Up to Oct. 30 until midnight p.m. Central Time, each person who downloads the application and enters a promo code depositing $100, and trades gets 100$ worth bitcoins, Bobby Karalla, the NBA team’s digital content manager posted on Twitter.

This cryptocurrency-based platform unveiled a new five-year agreement together with the NBA team.

The agreement also grants the option of naming Mavs Gaming Hub. Mavs Gaming Hub, the official venue for events and gaming to host Mavs Gaming Hub. Mavs’ NBA 2K League team.

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Voyager Digital App promo code, How to find one?

Now you know how to earn the free 100$ from the Voyager App. However, to do this as I mentioned above you need Voyager Digital App promo code. Below are some promo codes I have found online. You can use one of them.

Voyager Digital App promo code –> MAVS100

Who is Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban is a self-made billionaire and serial entrepreneur best known for his success in the business world. A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Cuban is a graduate of Indiana University, where he attended college on a basketball scholarship before leaving in 1981 to pursue business ventures in Dallas with a friend and fellow Indiana alum Ed O’Bannon.

In 1995 he founded what would come to be known as (later Yahoo! Broadcast Services), which provided him with the initial wealth that enabled him to become an investor in other businesses. He is currently the owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks, co-owner of 2929 Entertainment, and chairman of AXS TV.

Cuban, who made his first $1 million at age 30, attributes his success to “a combination of caring about what you do and perseverance.”

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