App that bring pictures to life, Myheritage Nostalgia

What if I tell you that there is an App that bring pictures to life! Sounds cool right? Go through the article and you will find how to use the Myheritage nostalgia app to make pictures alive!

Other day I was watching my twitter feed and suddenly, following video took my eye.

That made me investigate what is this and how to make an animated photo. Then I understood that this can be easily done using Myheritage, Nostalgia App.

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What is MyHeritage, Nostalgia App?

In simple words as mentioned above this app let you bring life to any of your pictures. This is way cooler than it sounds, still it is bit scary. You decide and comment below whether you think this app is cool or scary.

For now more than 10 million faces have been made alive using this app. According to official sources, every minute around thousands of photos are being processed.

This app utilizes AI technology to bring back your ancestors and it works quite well.

How do I use App that bring pictures to life, Myheritage Nostalgia?

Currently, there are two main ways to make your ancestor alive using their pictures.

The most easiest way is to visit their website and upload the photo of the person who want to be animated.

  1. Open you prefered web browser.
  2. Visit the following website.

MyHeritage Deep Nostalgia™, deep learning technology to animate the faces in still family photos – MyHeritage

3. Upload the photos which you want to be animated.

4. Enjoy!

The other way is to download the Myheritage Nostalgia app and upload the photo using your mobile. To do this download the app using following link. (Currently available for both Apple and Android devices)

When you open the app you will have the option to upload the photos and make them alive.

Also following are some amazing Nostalgia app photos I found online on twitter.

I hope you found my article App that bring pictures to life, Myheritage Nostalgia useful. If so please share it among your friends. They also might find it useful.

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