Finding A Good Law Firm SEO: A 6-Point Checklist

SEO is one of the most critical factors in legal website design, and it can make or break your legal website. When you want to find an excellent legal SEO company for your law firm, there are several things that you should consider before hiring them. This article will discuss six points that will help you decide where to spend your money on legal SEO services.

  1. Check the Company’s Reviews Online

When finding an SEO company for your legal firm website, make sure you’re reading reviews from legal professionals

and not people in the legal field but work for other companies. Check their readability, comments, and feedback left by legal professionals to see if they have a good reputation. This will save you time on your search and money in the long run!

– Read customer reviews written about this company online

– Find out how much experience they have with legal websites before hiring them.

The feedback you get from legal professionals is the best feedback you can get about a legal SEO company.

  1. Years in the Game

When looking for an SEO company to boost your legal firm’s website, it’s crucial to find a company that has been in the game for quite some time. One of the easiest ways to do this is by looking at their social media pages and seeing how many years they’ve been around.

An SEO company that has been around for quite some time will be more experienced and able to offer legal firms a better chance at ranking well in search engines. As explained at, it’s also worth noting that some legal SEO companies on the market claim they can rank your legal firm website within a few months. But this is not possible for most firms.

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An SEO company that has been around for quite some time will have developed proper strategies over years of experience, which means it’ll take them less effort than a newer competitor might require to get your legal firm ranked highly online.

  1. References

Getting referrals from legal clients or legal competitors is one of the best ways to find a good law firm SEO company. However, one thing to consider when looking for referrals is that people might not want their legal opponents finding out about them using your services!

With referrals, you can enjoy the benefits of legal professionals already familiar with your company and its services. This could be a client or legal competitor, but either way, they should be able to provide valuable information about their experience working with that law firm SEO.

  1. Make sure you sign a Contract Before

When striking a deal with an SEO service provider, get a legal contract in place to protect you from any legal disputes that may arise.

A legal contract not only protects your interests but also establishes the grounds for court proceedings if necessary. A legal agreement ensures both parties’ requirements are met and helps avoid future misunderstandings or disagreements.

  1. Consider Pricing

SEO service providers charge differently for their services. Modern SEO firms typically charge based on a monthly retainer, covering all of the work for that month. A standard legal website might need around $50-100/month to be optimized appropriately by an experienced legal SEO firm to rank well and attract new clients. However, there are other legal site optimization packages available with different pricing models.

It would be best to consider an SEO service provider’s pricing before you sign a contract with them.

Consider legal website optimization packages that offer different services, like monthly retainer plans or bundles at flat prices for specific tasks such as keyword research and link building. Check to see if the SEO service provider offers more than just legal site optimization, like social media marketing management and content creation, to save time on your end and make their offerings worth it.

  1. Find out what kind of Guarantees are Offered by the SEO Company

Are there legal guarantees for SEO? If so, what does it cover, and how is the reimbursement handled if your website doesn’t get to where it needs to be in terms of rankings or traffic levels?

What are the refund policies regarding SEO services? What do they offer as an alternative product or service if you want a refund or their work didn’t meet expectations?

Is this company accredited by any legal organizations that can vouch for them, like BBB, A+ Rating, etc.? This may not seem important at first, but when dealing with legal matters and investing money into having someone represent your law firm online, you need some security guarantee upfront.

There are many things to look into when hiring an SEO company for your legal website. You must research the company before signing anything so that you feel confident in their work and expertise. Make sure they have a good reputation online, years of experience, references from past customers, testimonials from current clients, as well as competitive pricing with guarantees included in the contract.

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