Binturi Meaning? Confusing words in Raya and The Last Dragon

Binturi Meaning

If you are a fan of animation movies, you must have heard about Raya and the Last Dragon. In this movie, the term “Binturi” is used quite often. So many people are wondering what is the Binturi Meaning. Hence we decided to write this article explaining what are the meanings of some confusing words in … Read more

Who is Rock Lee’s Wife in Naruto Shippuden?

Who is Rock Lee’s Wife

If you are an avid fan of Naruto, no doubt at some point you might have wondered Who is Rock Lee’s Wife. Also, there have been many controversial facts regarding who is rock lee married to. While there is no definite answer we have covered a few possible candidates. Who is Rock Lee? Rock Lee … Read more

Who is Metal Lee’s mom?

Who is Metal Lee’s mom

If you are a true anime fan you must have thought who is Metal Lee’s Mom at any point of the show. Being an anime lover makes you a curious person because you’re excited to find out every detail.  As a Naruto fan, you’ve heard of Metal Lee. However, the one thing that makes us a bit … Read more

When Does Sasuke Come Back In Shippuden?

Sasuke comes back in episode #478 of Naruto Shippuden. This part is named as “The Unison Sign”. This episode is one of my favorites as we can see the full potential of Naruto’s current power. During this Naruto actually fights with Sasuke. However in the end he accepts Naruto and decides to visit the village … Read more