Cash App 99% Deal Coming in Next Week!

Cash App 99 off Deal

Cash App 99 off deal was first announced to the world by Cashapp’s official Twitter page. According to them you just have to Order a Visa Card through the cash app and turn on the notifications to receive the 99% off deal. So we assume that this deal will go live soon. If you can … Read more

How to share screen on facetime ios 15

Wondering How to share screen on facetime ios 15? The new version of iOS 15. Apple has introduced a number of improvements to FaceTime that means you’ll have more options than FaceTime with your family and friends. With the new screen sharing feature , called SharePlay You will be able to share your screen with … Read more

Helpful Tips on How to Be a Better Gamer 

Gaming is a great way to blow off some steam, keep your mind busy, jog your adrenaline, and stay entertained. If you’ve spent more time on your controller lately than your keyboard, you’re not alone. In fact, according to the Entertainment Software Association’s annual report on the video game industry, more than two-thirds of Americans … Read more