Cyberattacks Compromised Mobile Security in 2020

Sadly, many companies and individuals have fallen victim to cybercriminals since 2020. It was a year ago when COVID-19 started appearing on the news reports. Then, boom, before we knew it, we were in a global pandemic. It would be an understatement to say that our lives have changed.

Many people relied on our cell phones to make COVID-19 more bearable. However, hackers have been lurking in the shadows to exploit the extra mobile use.

Mobile Safety 101 

So, how often do you use your cell phone? Would you leave it unlocked for a stranger to browse through your phone? No, we didn’t think so. Well, why would you leave your phone or devices “open” to hackers? Now, hackers don’t just steal your generic information for fraud. Sadly, as new technology is invented, they find new ways to manipulate your data.

Really, think about cell phones. Although most apps are genuine, did you know that your smart device can get a virus? “Well, that’s impossible; I have an Apple phone,” you might say. First of all, let’s address the big misconception in the room: an iPhone can still end up with a virus. Although, Apple is doing its utmost to clamp down on shoddy apps that you download innocently, even though it’s loaded with hidden malware and spyware. Have you noticed your phone has started running really slowly since you downloaded that dodgy app?

Even some of the best apps have been compromised and exploited. You can never be entirely safe from hackers unless you choose to protect yourself. Here, we help you by highlighting some of the biggest security breaches to compromise mobile security in 2020. 

Why is Cybercrime Different Now?

Gone are the days when hackers would only gain entry to your information through a phishing link in your email. No, we now have hackers who are using technology to send out fake tax, banking, and competitions to get you to open a text. For instance, have you received a text from a company claiming they owe you money, or you owe them money, but you have never had an account with them?

Well, the chances are that gut feeling is correct, and it’s a shoddy scam. Hackers are ruthless, and each will have its own motive, whether it’s political, fraudulent, or they are stealing information. Although technology is constantly changing, so are their techniques. Therefore, it makes sense that you keep up to date on the latest cybercrimes. Hopefully, it can help prevent this from happening to you. 

According to Readers Digest, over 60% of digital fraud originates from mobile or cellular devices. It doesn’t help that our entire lives seems to be on our phones. Therefore, it is important to have something like a VPN service for iPhone or Android devices to ensure that you remain safe and secure. Plus, if you use your phone to pay your bills and do all forms of banking, as well as social media, it makes it all the more prevalent to be safe.

And if you believe companies are spying on you via your mobile, then a VPN will help too. WhistleOut did a survey that found how many Americans think even these well-known companies spy on you via your mobile use.

Three Common Mobile Threats

As mentioned, cybercriminals have taken advantage of the fact that more people are online and glued to their smart devices. We have highlighted that information, including sensitive and financial, can be breached. Moreover, these types of breaches then increase the risk to mobile security. According to our research, the three most common mobile threats are: 

1. Data Leaks

Based on Ponemon’s latest research, companies are at a 28% chance of risk of experiencing online threats.

2. Unsecure Wifi

If you are connected to an unsecured network, you have a 25% chance of falling victim to a security breach.

3. Phishing/Social Engineering

Phishing attacks had continuously grown since 2017 when there was a 68% increase in cyberattacks.

Many mobile users, particularly iOS users, seem to think that their devices are naturally hacker-proof. Although Apple does try to strive above its competitors when it comes to integrated mobile security, and recently released a software update to fix security concerns.

Now, you do not need to fall victim to these attacks, not if you have the correct protection. Similar to good hygiene practices. If you equip your mobile with a VPN service, you will make it really difficult for hackers to gain your information. Cybercriminals can steal billions – but one of the best ways you can equip yourself is by educating yourself and keeping up to date with the latest cyber news.

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