How Did Mike Busey (Sausage Castle) Make His Money?

Mike Busey is featured in the “Beg Your Pardon” episode in tiger King. He shows viewers his “Sausage Castle.” If you are wondering How Did Mike Busey Make His Money the quick answer is from his own Sausage Castles.

Rumors say that that the Sausage Castle hosts sex parties, and even works with “Busey Babes”.

However, below is Busey’s response to the above rumor.

“We do not host sex parties, swingers parties, or cater to those who wish to fulfill their sexual fantasies. members are invited to wild parties. We have hosted celebrities, athletes, social media influencers, as well as other notable people. Parties are multi-day events that are similar to a summer camp for adults. They include planned activities, meals, entertainment, and musical performances.” These were the exact words of Mike Busey when he was questioned regarding the Sausage Castle.

Who is the Sausage Castle king?

Mike is an entertainer and host from New Orleans.
His real name is Micheal Andrew Ward. He was born on December 19th, 1980. Mike Ward is famous for his Sausage Castle empire which was established in 2001

It was mysteriously destroyed in a fire in 2017, but it was reopened one year later.
With the help of this so-called Sausage Castle, Customers can rent rooms in this mansion to have wild sex parties. They can also hang out with Busey Beauties who have sex with Cardi B, Post Malone, and Wiz Khalifa.
After being kicked out of Florida Christian College, he was raised in a Christian household.

He told Vice, “It’s one the few places I find some kinda sick, twisted contentment as well as inner joy and peace within the absurdity of what I call life.”
He hosts the show when he isn’t hosting and works with comedian Miguel Colon on his podcast, Mike Busey Show.

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Busey’s Sausage Castle and Net Worth

Trust me when I say this! Busey’s Sausage Castle has a net worth of more than 1 million dollars. This explains the wealth he has accumulated.

Busey’s Story

With the rise of social media Busey’s popularity skyrocketed. He became a social media pioneer. When they were still in their early years, he began uploading videos to YouTube or MySpace.

Many clubs approached Busey to be a special guest or promoter. Many of them were willing to pay $500 for him just to show up. Busey was inspired to create his brand.

The Mike Busey Live Stage Show was launched in 2005. It featured 500-pound men and women who were sexy, as well as fire breathers. Busey starred as the master of ceremonies in the show.


Mike Busey is one of the most notable figures that people are aware of today. He is a man who is at the forefront of the search for freedom and personal liberty. For many, Mike Busey is the symbol of all the good things that are happening in the world today.

In several ways, it could be stated that he was the one who started an open-minded movement that aims to create an environment that allows people to take whatever they like. If they don’t cause harm to others, we do not even think it’s something that isn’t right to strive for.

He once stated it would be the time that people would all buy popcorn at a ridiculous price and wait in line outside cinemas to watch a movie inspired by his life. If we’re honest with ourselves, that’s most likely to become an event in the near future.