Who is Selena Green Vargas and What Happened to Her?

Selena Green Vargas’s story is still a mystery. However, it made her famous throughout the internet.

To be honest in current society, where a bigger portion of people are sharing information over Instagram, Tiktok, Facebook it is really hard to hide secrets.

Going back to the past, in 2015 a cringy story about the adult actress, Selena Vargas went viral.

So keep reading to learn what is this story and what happened to Selena Green Vargas.

Who is Selena Vargas?

Selena Vargas is an adult model born on 19 July 1990, in Bellflower, California, and she could’ve become an Instagram model prior to her professional career as an adult star.

While Selena hasn’t got a lot of videos, however, she has amassed over 14 million visits to some of the largest adult video providers.

She is considered as one of the most viewed celebrities. If she stayed in this direction she could have become an international celebrity within a short time.

What happened to Selena Vargas?

Selena Green Vargas

To be honest, what happened to her is quite mysterious, but famous. It involved above photo.

So what happened was, one secret navy seal published the above photo claiming that he is the boy in the picture. Further, he said he had no clue that she was one of these so-called “Adult Actors”.

Since he was a Navy seal, there was a lot of controversy going on due to these posts.

To make it worse a user on 4CHAN posted a picture of Selena Vargas in one of her “bad scenes”, with the same clothing in the above photo which was shared by the Navy person.

Even though the guy in the picture claims that he does not knew anything about Selena’s career many people did not trust him.

But, some reports suggested that her boyfriend was aware of Selena’s work, and others say that the whole affair was a fake to gain 4chain points. (We call it as reputation)

Also on Reddit, few people claimed that they knew the real story. However, as of now we do not know the full story. We do not know whether these people are actually saying the truth.

Right after this incident as soon as it went viral, Selena disappeared from the internet.

However, we were able to find an Instagram account with Selena Green Vargas’s name with a bio that reads, ” Before you judge me, be sure that you’re in perfect shape.”

To best this is this account is linked to her private TikTok account as well. Maybe she is active only but privately? Well, we can only guess.

Interesting Facts about Serena Vargas

  • Her height is 5’6 inches and she weighs 120 pounds.
  • Her BMI is around 19.4 milligrams per kilogram and is considered an appropriate weight based on the height of her and weight.
  • Selena is currently living in New York and holds American citizenship.
  • She is beautiful with a pair of brown eyes and blonde hair that made her more attractive.
  • This is the American model is white in descent.
  • After a brief investigation we found out that she’s available on Twitter at the handle @selenagvargas at Twitter. The bio on her Twitter page states that she is “That girl that everyone has been talking about.”
NameSelena Green Vargas
ProfessionAdult Actress and Model
Birthday19th July
Age31 Years
Height5 ft 6 in
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBrown
Shoe SizeEight

Hope now you are clear on Who is Selena Green Vargas is and What Happened to Her.