4 Trading Strategies You Should Know About

Every investor is different and so are the trading strategies they use. If you are a beginner you might find choosing the best strategy a bit challenging. Don’t worry, it’s a common problem. When it comes to trading strategies, the most important factors to consider are your circumstances and your personality. Remember that everyone trades for different outcomes and some people have higher risk tolerance than others.

Some investors are looking for long-term profits while others want short-term gains. The first group usually concentrates on a constant income and ways to re-invest, but the second one monitors market trends closely and analyzes them on a daily basis. No matter which type of trader you are, understanding various strategies is essential. Sure, you can use more than one at a time. Knowing different ways is only your strength and leads to your success.

If you are interested in this topic, this is the right article for you. Today we will explore different types of trading strategies. Let’s dive in!

Covered Calls

A covered call is a great tool and one of the best investment strategies for traders. If you are a bit more conservative and don’t appreciate high risks but still want to make some money – consider this strategy. There are various platforms and software focusing on this topic. If you are new to it, make sure you do your research and read useful articles online. This strategy is one of the first options for every new trader, so you should ensure to choose the best software for your needs. It’s very effective and gives you income on stocks that you already own. As stated on this Born To Sell review, the covered call strategy is often used by traders who know that the prices won’t rise in a short term. To put it simply – you will be selling a call option and holding a long position at the same time. It’s an amazing strategy to choose when you feel there won’t be any big increase in price at that moment.

So, how does it work? It’s recommended to sell one call option contract for every hundred shares from your portfolio and always choose a contract that is about to expire (for example, in a week or less). Choose a strike price that you don’t think the current strike price will surpass before it expires.

Day Trading

This amazing strategy is as simple as it sounds. If you are a day trader you only want to hold your stocks for that day. Usually, you will enter the trade in the morning and sell it the same day before the stock market closes.

The important thing for day traders is to rely on technical analysis all the time and notice trends on the market as soon as possible. Make sure you check technical indicators regularly, as well as tools such as the Stochastic Oscillator or the Relative Strength Index.

The biggest advantage of this strategy is that it won’t take you as much time as some other strategies might. Still, you will need a lot of discipline, persistence, and knowledge. Remember that you may expect smaller profits and sometimes even daily losses and limits. Always stay organized and check technical indicators to reduce your risks.

Swing Trading

If you don’t feel comfortable with the speed and excitement of day trading, this may be a better option for you. When it comes to swing trading, the important thing is to concentrate on short-term and medium-term market movements when making your decision.

This strategy has numerous benefits. You may easily hold your positions for a few days or more, and you won’t have to look at technical indicators, graphs, and charts every day. It’s also great for people that work in other industries and doesn’t consider trading their only business. To maximize your profit, try buying into a long position and selling out of a short position. 

Position Trading

If trading is just your hobby, and you don’t want to take it very seriously, this might be the best trading strategy for you. It involves holding your positions for a long period of time. You may hold it for weeks, months, or even years.

Position traders don’t focus on short-term fundamentals as much as others. In fact, their goal is to look at an overall market trend. However, there are some risks. You could actually lose more money because of the duration of your trade, so make sure you are well-informed and patient.

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There are many approaches and methods when it comes to trading and choosing your strategy. Learning about basic strategies is essential if you want the best choice for your personality, trading style, and circumstances. It’s important you feel comfortable with the strategy you select, and we guarantee it will lead you to success.

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