Disney Filter App: You are watching Channel Intro Challenge.

Disney Filter App is very popular among all Disney fans these days. How to do you are watching Disney Channel Intro Challenge is the question many people have in their mind these days. Even for me after watching many people failing to do the challenge I wanted to do it too. I did some research and found out how to do the latest Disney Channel. Actually there is a Disney Filter App in the Play Store.

What is Disney Filter App?

I present this topic t the people who are not familiar with you are watching Disney Channel Challenge. This newest challenge instructs you to draw a perfect Disney logo (Micky Mouse Ears) on a phone recorded video. Actually Disney Channel Challenge went viral after many people failed to draw the logo it properly. I have added some you’re watching Disney channel intro fails below.

Things you need to have before using Disney Channel Filter

  • Android or Apple Smartphone
  • Light Background

How to Get Disney Filter App

Following is how to download Disney Filter App and do You are watching Disney Channel Challenge.

1. Select the correct download link according to your Mobile Operating System Category.

Download Disney Channel intro App For Android.

Download DisneyNow intro App For Android.

Give someone time to download and install the app properly. This will only take a minute since Disney Challenge Intro App is only 70MB.

2. After installation open the app and register. (You will be asked to select a profile picture, a name, and some other basic stuff.)

3. If it asks for permission to access storage and record music just accept the request. You don’t need to be afraid as this app is developed and released by Disney Official Store.

4. Now Tap on Games Icon. And find the following Game.

Disney Filter App how to do disney channel intro challenge
Disney Filter App how to do Disney channel intro challenge

5. Follow the App instructions and adjust yourself to the perfect position.

6. Wait for the countdown. Talk (till the bar fills) Trace (Draw the Disney Channel Intro) Pose (Do something cool!)

7. Share it! Have fun.

You are watching Disney Channel Intro Challenge Fails.

As promised please enjoy the following video of Disney Intro fails memes. Ths video credit goes to the content creator dangmattsmith.

disney channel intro fails memes

Please keep in mind that DisneyNow Channel intro Challenge game only works in the USA. 🙁

However, you can try our Disney Filter on Snapchat to add the Disney Logo to your selfie.

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