ACOTAR Court Quiz [The Original Puzzle]

If you are looking for Acotar Court Quiz you are in the correct place.

By doing this quiz you will be able to find out Which ACOTAR Court Do You Belong In.

So what is ACOTAR Court?

The phrase “ACOTAR” is the abbreviation for A Court of Thorns and Roses. This is an awesome book by Sarah J. Maas. It has almost 900000 ratings and 80000 reviews on Good Reads.

In the book there are 4 Courts. These courts are,

  • Spring Court ruled by Tamlin
  • Summer Court ruled by Tarquin
  • Autumn Court ruled by Beron
  • Winter Court ruled by Kallias
  • Dawn Court ruled by Thesan
  • Day Court ruled by Helion
  • Night Court ruled by Rhysand and Feyre

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ACOTAR Court Quiz

Below is the Personality quiz you were looking for.

Each and every one of these courts have their own characteristic.

By using some of these Charasterics we have built the ACOTAR Court Quiz

  • The symbol of Summer Court is an ocean representing the summer season.
  • Spring Court’s symbolism is a flowering rose that symbolizes the beginning of spring
  • The symbol of Autumn Court is autumn leaves, which symbolize the fall season.
  • Winter Court’s symbolism is an ice fragment in the form of a wolf. It is a symbol for winter.
  • The symbol of Dawn Court is the rising sun in the between of mountains which symbolizes the dawn.
  • Sun is Day Court’s emblem, representing the sun and day.
  • The Night Court’s symbol is a mountain covered in three stars. They symbolize the night.