Best Quiz Show 2021 Crossword Clue

Best Quiz Show 2021 is another crossword puzzle that you have to solve. To answer this you need to know some general knowledge regarding who actually won the first for the Quiz genre in 2021.

This crossword clue was first seen in  British general knowledge crossword 2021, November. For this question, we have found one matching answer after referring to Wikipedia. The actual clue was “tv quiz show that won best quiz show at the national tv awards in 2021”


This spin-off of the renowned quiz show ‘The Chase’ features players from all around the UK playing against not one, but all of the Chasers. Bradley Walsh hosts. Contestants solve five multiple-choice questions in the ‘Cash Builder’ round for a chance to win up to PS5,000. They are, however, eliminated from the game if they begin with an incorrect response. The chasers can then choose between two and all five of them to face. They can win more money if they are up against more chasers. However, the time advantage they have over you will dwindle. Those who manage to defeat all five chasers have a good chance of winning a large monetary award.

According to Wikipedia BEATTHECHASERS won the award for Best Quiz Show 2021

Best Quiz Show 2021 Answer

Best Quiz Show 2021 Crossword Clue answer is BEATTHECHASERS

What are Crossword Clues?

A crossword clue is an answer given to a clue, which leads to the solution of a logic puzzle. Although many clues are easy, others are quite challenging and may require considerable thought. Once the solution is reached, the solver should be able to determine whether or not their answer was correct based on whether or not it matches up with what they were expecting. Here we’ll look at what makes for a good clue and some tips on how to tackle puzzles in general. In this case the crossword clue was “Best Quiz Show 2021”.

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A good crossword clue should be able to fit in one or more grid boxes, should be clear, should be unambiguous, and shouldn’t need to rely on prior knowledge. Puzzles are generally designed so that each clue can have multiple answers of varying degrees of plausibility. The puzzle creator’s job is to create clues that lead the solver to the correct answer with a reasonable degree of certainty. You may often hear of people scratching their heads over a crossword clue that is considered obscure or ambiguous. It is important to remember that all but one of these are incorrect answers—the best solution must be the most plausible of all possible solutions, so being correct doesn’t guarantee being easy.

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