Thanksgiving Crossword Answer Keys

Thanksgiving Crossword Answer Key: Thanksgiving is almost here. And now it is time to do the quizzes and puzzles related to the event. Many newspapers and apps have already started publishing crosswords related to Thanksgiving.

Hence many people are trying their best to sort out these puzzles. As a help, we decided to list out some popular Thanksgiving-related crosswords and clues related to them.

Whenever you need a break from the turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie you can try completing one of the published brain-teasing Thanksgiving crosswords. Or if you prefer something less sugared, try out our word search puzzles! They’re sure to provide a much-needed mental break along with some holiday cheer.

Below are some of these crossword puzzles with answers.

Thanksgiving Crossword Answer Keys

  1. A grocery store, related to Thanksgiving? – STUFFING STOCKER
  2. Who was Alice’s Thanksgiving guest? – ARLO
  3. Popular dish during Thanksgiving – EAT HUMBLE PIE
  4. Bad Thanksgiving movie? – REAL TURKEY
  5. Do not do this during the event – OVERHEAT
  6. Thanksgiving in October – CANADA

What are crosswords?

Even if you don’t know the answers to a crossword puzzle, they can be a lot of fun! In this post, we’ll let you in on the basics of crosswords and some tips for solving them.

Crosswords are word puzzles that have been published in newspapers for decades. They come with a grid of black squares and white squares on a page – the black squares are empty spaces waiting to be filled, and the white ones contain clues as to what those words might be.

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Your goal is to fill in all the black squares with letters from an answer key that’s provided on or near each puzzle. Crosswords can be different types. Some are themed; for example, you might be given a clue such as, “Thanksgiving in October”, and it’s your job to fit all those clues into names of famous people, movies, songs or in this case countries.

Crosswords are very popular during Thanksgiving since most of the people are staying at their homes in these holiday times.

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