A thousand questions with Paimon Answers 2021

A thousand questions with Paimon Answers: Genshin impact has reintroduced their awesome paimon event with their latest patch. Because of this many people are searching for the correct solutions throughout the internet to complete this puzzle and get the rewards quickly.

Simply put, in this Genshin Impact event you have to solve 10 multiple choices questions. If you answer all of the questions correctly you will get 50000 Mora. I’m my opinion this is a very good reward.

The paimon quiz will be available for players for 3 whole days starting from November 19. I would say this is enough time to complete your tasks.

A thousand questions with Paimon Answers

To be honest questions for the puzzle changes randomly. So the paimon quiz answers also change frequently. However, a user from Hoyolab has compiled more than 300 questions.

As a guide for you, we have listed down some of these questions below with their answers.

  • What is not sold at Yae Publishing House – Legend of the Lone Sword
  • Name of Hydro Hypostasis – He
  • Real boss of Signora – Rosalyne-Kruzchka Lohefalter
  • Tell me about Kujou Sara – Energy cost is 90
  • Shuumatsuban affiliated with? -Yashiro Commission
  • Visible on the Kamisato Clan’s Crest? – Camellia
  • Master of Meikyou Shisui Art? -Domon
  • Owner of Komore Teahouse -Taroumaru

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A thousand questions with Paimon Answers
A thousand questions with Paimon Answers

How to find paimon quiz answers

Visit the link for the answers post on Hoyolab.

Press CTRL+F on your keyboard and search for your question.

Now you will see the answer.

This is the link for the How to find paimon quiz answers

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a hardcore action-adventure game. You can hack, slash, shoot or even explode your way through hordes of enemies. But the real fun is in solving the puzzles and hidden secrets scattered throughout the world. The story of Genshin Impact involves a cyborg who is on a mission from God. To find the truth behind the origin of the universe and to defeat his arch-enemy, The Devil.

You will control a cyborg who uses his ability to manipulate energy and powers up with each kill he makes in battles and puzzles. You will spend your time in an alternate world where all sorts of strange creatures and abilities can be found. However, these abilities can also be used against you so use caution when using powers. Paimon quiz is the lasted event to improve your charactors.

The game has four different endings based on player choice, whether or not they kill or spare certain characters such as enemies or certain characters such as hostages/suspects/targets.

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