Fiber Optics

Apex Legends Fiber Optics Skin (Octane)


Fiber Optics Skin


Fiber Optics Skin is an Epic skin in Apex Legends. This skin belongs to Apex Character Octane. Currently, the price of Fiber Optics skin is 400 Crafting Metals. This will convert Octane’s default skin into a color combination of Black & Green.


Skin NameFiber Optics Skin
Skin TypeOutfit/ Cloth
Color CombinationBlack and Green
Price400 Material

How to Get Fiber Optics Skin?

Apex Legends Fiber Optics skin for Octane character can be bought from Apex Store for 1100 Legend Tokens or 400 Crafting Metals.

Apex Legends Fiber Optics Skin Gameplay

Apex Legends Fiber Optics Skin Gameplay

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