Bloodhound Plague Doctor Skin

The Plague Doctor Skin

Bloodhound Plague Doctor skin is a legendary skin in Apex Legends. This skin belongs to Apex Character Bloodhound. Currently, the price of The Plague Doctor Skin is 1200 Crafting Metals. This will convert Bloodhound’s default skin into a color combination of Red, Grey, and Black.

Plague Doctor Skin Bloodhound
Plague Doctor Skin Bloodhound


Skin NameThe Plague Doctor Skin
Skin TypeOutfit/ Cloth
Color CombinationRed, Grey, and Black
Price1200 Material

How to Get The Plague Doctor Skin?

Apex Legends The Plague Doctor Skin for Bloodhound character can be bought from Apex Store for 1100 Legend Tokens or 1200 Crafting Metals.

Apex Legends The Plague Doctor Skin Gameplay

Apex Legends The Plague Doctor Skin Gameplay

Bloodhound Character Abilities

Bloodhound is a free, unlocked legend in the base game.

Bloodhound is a fast-moving Recon legend to push the enemy into his foundation. The enemy can be indicated on Tracker. Eye of the Allfather can reveal the disintegration points of enemies and traps. Lastly, Beast of the Hunt gives the Hunt a pace of Bloodhound, perfect for the move.

In all the Outlands, Bloodhound is known as one of the largest hunters ever seen by the Frontier–and it’s about everything that everybody knows. Their identity is a mystery encircling rumors: they’re fabulously wealthy, a sanguinary rapist, a whisperer from Goliath, a former slave, a half-bat and a dozen other things, depending on who whispers.

Everyone really knows that Bloodhound has four championships in a row to be counted with in the Apex Games. Bloodhound’s unique ability to track the enemy’s movements is a boon to every team that they join, helping them root out hidden adversaries. Call on the Old Gods of the Planet to lead


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