Countdown Movie App Download For iOS & Android

What is the Countdown app?

Countdown Movie app will predict the exact day when a person going to die. This app is purely based on the Countdown movie which was released recently. For example, this app can show your date and time of your death as 21 years, 45 days, 12 hours and 03 mins & seconds, etc. In the movie, a nurse downloads an app that claims to predict the exact time when a person dies. Don’t you think it will be cool to show off the Countdown Death app to your friends? Right now Countdown app is the number 4th popular app in the USA iOS app store. You can download and install countdown app for Android and Apple iOS from the below link.

Countdown Movie & Countdown Death app:

Countdown Movie and Countdown death app are two separate things. It is true that the countdown death app predicts the death date of a person like in the countdown movie. But it is not affiliated with the movie. This app was developed and released by Ryan Boyling.

countdown movie app
countdown 2019 app

Download Countdown Movie Death App

You can find Countdown app or Countdown death app download link for both iOS and Android platforms. Since death app is available on Android play store you don’t need an APK for now.

Countdown App in real life

Following are some reactions to the countdown app.

Is Countdown App Real?

Countdown movie mobile application is 100% not accurate. No one can determine when you are going to die. This app is only there for people who need fun. So example they might need this app to play games like, when I’m going to die, is death app real etc.

Disclaimer: You should never take the results seriously. This is just another app for fun.

Our Score

We have been closely monitoring the growth of the Countdown app. Because of the countdown death app went viral. When we look into the functionalities Countdown app works as advertised & it is very similar to the app we saw in the movie. Hence we rated this 4/5.



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