How to get the where is your soulmate filter on Instagram

Where is your soulmate Instagram filter for everyone in the world you are looking for a soulmate. This lens is also known as soulmate radar filter. This is because this will tell you where your soulmate is.

This awesome Instagram filter was released by Erikasnacks in April 2020. Right after she released this filter it became a trend all over the internet. So many people are looking for a way to unlock this filter. That’s is the main reason why I created this post.

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where is your soulmate Instagram filter

How to unlock where is your soulmate Instagram filter

Easiest Way

Click on following button to instantly unlock this instagram filter. This will work for almost any mobile. Make sure you open this post on your mobile then click on the button. It will open your instagram app.

Another way is to visit the instagram profile of Erikasnacks. Now click on lenses tab. Open the video which is created using this filter. Open it. Click on Try it.

Now you will be able to use soulmate instagram filter AKA soulmate radar.

Well, I’m glade you find my article on where is your soulmate filter. Many people are looking for how for soulmate filter tiktok also. Here how to do it.

as usual using soulmate filter instagram make a small video. Then go to your Tiktok app and click on create new video. In this window there is an option to select a video from your gallary. That how you use this lens with Tiktok.

Also as I mentioned before don’t forget to share your joy with Erikasnacks. At the end she is the one who created this awesome filter.

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