How to get Tiktok Yellow teeth filter

Please are still not done with TikTok filters. Recently they have found a way to check how white their teeth using the new Yellow Colour Selector Filter. Some people even call this as Tiktok Yellow Teeth filter.

It is no doubt that you are familiar with the color selector in Tiktok. Because you need to use the color selector tool to do this yellow teeth trick.

Simply put color selection will help you to change the background color of your TikTok videos. However, users are more focused on changing the color to yellow tint since it is way cooler than other colors.

If you are no familar with the color selector filter following is a guide on how to use it.

  • Open Tiktok App and search for “Colour Selector”
  • Now choose a video which is created using that filter. OPen it
  • That video will have a yellow link to open the effect. Click on that.
  • Add it to favourites.
  • Open your TikTok camera and select the new filter in favourites.

How to get yellow teeth filter on TikTok

Just watch the following video and then read the below tutorial.


i do not have have yellow hair or teeth I can confirm

♬ How to tell if you have YELLOW teeth – annaacmeier

Time needed: 5 minutes


  1. Open your Camera and select the color selector filter.

    Check our tutorial on how to unlock that filter.

  2. Now change the color to yellow.

    This will let you compare how white are your teeth. If your teeth are white, the Yellow Filter won’t show up, but if your teeth are already a bit yellow, the filter will make them look even more yellow.

I hope now you have a good idea on how to Yellow teeth filter. Have fun!

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