How to get Free Nectar juicy boost App (€10)?

Recently, Martin Lewis revealed how people can get free Nectar Juicy Boost worth of €10. Trust me this is very easy and can be done within minutes.

Basically, by following this tutorial you will be able to claim upto  2,000 points Nectar boost points.

These points are available as part of a promotion run by Nectar. However the 2000 point for free offer is available to people who use the company’s official app.

So this means you have to download and install the Nectar app to get this offer!

How to download Nectar App?

It is very simple to download the app. You just have to go to the official Nectar App download link and select Android Play store download or Apple App store download. For you convenience following are the official Android and Apple download links.

What is Nectar App?

In simple words Nectar App is an App that suggest you exciting offers and give you cashback for your purchases in the form of Nectar points.

Following are some of its features.

  • Weekly Offers.
  • Suggests the best Promotion for your future purchases.
  • Supports upto 400 brands. (like Argos, Esso and eBay)
  • Realtime point updates and redeem.
  • Ability to get the Nectar Card.

How to get Free Nectar juicy boost points worth €10?

According to Martin Lewis you just have to download the app. Then create an account and login to the app. Now there is a function to get juicy points boost.

Following is his exact words about this promotion.

“It is dead easy to do and you will get between 100 and 2,000 Nectar points, totally for free and worth between 50p and £10.”

So I suggest to try this. If you were successful please share the article among your friends. Also if you had any problem getting Free Nectar juicy boost points comment below.

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