How to Fix Cash App Negative Balance?

It is not very common to have a Negative Balance in your Cash App account. This is mainly because, cash app does not allow you to overdraft yourself. However, there are instances that this situation happens. First of all lets discuss what are the scenario you might ended up with minus balance in Cash App.

Why I have Negative Balance in my Cash APP?

There can be multiple scenarios. But all are the same. Let me explain some of those scenarios to you.

  1. Some Random Person accidently send you some money. Later he identifies that this was a mistake and he dispute or try to get back the money he sent. In this case you will lose the money that person has sent to your account. Now, if you had a balance less than the amount that person sent, you will ended up with negative balance.
  2. In this scenario imaging that you are doing some online shopping. There are some special cases where the seller does not deduct the money immediately. Now when he deduct the money later it will debit your account. As usually at this moment if you have less amount that what you agreed to pay you, will ended up with Cash App Negative Balance.

If you understand above scenarios correctly you should have identified that there is something common. That is Negative Cash App balances happens only when someone is trying to charge your account and you have less balance than that amount.

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Can Cash App have a negative balance?

As we Discussed above, Yes Cash App can have a negative balance but it will very rare to happen that. Also if that happen no need to worry!

How to fix Cash App Negative Balance?

To fix the cash App Negative Balance you just have to reload or replenish you account. Nothing else can get rid of the negative cash app balance. If issue still persists you should immediately contact customer service.

Will this affect my credit score?

As for now we don’t have the exact answer for this question. However in future when we have an answer we will update the article.

Will I get charged for Negative Balance?

Fortunately, you won’t get charged for a Negative Cash App balance. Well, atleast for now. But it is always better to replenish your account.

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