Is Trump dead yet? Very Concerning Symptoms!

Is trump dead yet?
Is trump dead yet? -source flickr

Is trump dead yet is the question we all have these days. We all know that Corona virus has finally reached Trump. So now it is his time to fight the Virus. Also keep in mind that we all are human beings and we all should pray that every person should get cured from this outbreak.

Around 1 am ET time Unites States president revealed that he is diagnosed with the Covid 19 virus. Since that many people were tracking the health on the president. Since they are worried too much many are even searching whether he is alive (Is trump dead yet?)

Previously Trump has already mentioned that he was not feeling very well. So this lead to several health checkups and result was revealed.

However now Trump has confirmed that he is feeling very well. (Source)

But according to New York times Trump’s Symptoms considered as ‘Very Concerning’ since Doctors Offer Rosier Picture. (Source). They are saying the White house has given conflicting information and contradictory accounts about President Trump’s current well-being.

Is trump dead yet?

NO. Wish to get well soon.

“The president’s vitals was very concerning in the last 24 hour, and the next 48 will be crucial in terms of his health,” Mr. Meadows (White House Chief of Staff) told the news Also they haven’t confirmed the path to full recovery.

Also Trump released a video message on Twitter to reassure the nation that he will be back in no time. Following is that tweet.

His exact words are “I think I’ll be back soon, and I look forward to finishing up the campaign the way we started”.

Let’s hope the best was pray for his quick recovery.

I hope you found a good answer for your question Is trump dead yet? If something bad happen we will update this page.

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