Madam future president 2024 on Tiktok

We all know that TikTok is a very save social media platform to share ideas among people. However, according to Madam future president in Tiktok this platform is shadow banning a certain type of people.

First, she mentioned that in a Tiktok video which was got deleted almost instantly. As for now we do not know whether the account got banned by the @madamfuturepresident2024 or she personally deactivated the account. However, if Tik Tok did banned that account and the video it must have breached their terms and conditions.

How to find Madam future president Tiktok?

Since the video is not avaialble on this Tik Tok even you search for madam future president 2024 you wont find her on Tik Tok. The best way it to search for that video on Youtube. Fortunately someone has reupload the video to youtube.

Also according to hunterkaimi on Tik Tok she has mentioned that Tik Tok is not helpful for several type of people. Further hunterkaimi has mentioned that she asked for help to share this new among the people.


Please follow @madamfuturepresident2024 and other black content creators fighting for equality for all. ##fyp ##blm ##foryou


We do not whether these accusations are right or wrong. We are just sharing the news with you.

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