Pet Memorial Tattoos Handpicked Top 10

Pet Memorial Tattoos are one of the many ways how you can show how much you loved and cared about the pet. While it is a very sad moment of one’s life it is always nice to keep something to remind you of your pet.

No doubt when you lose your pet it is very exhausting and heartbreaking. It is very common for people to do something special for their loved ones.

I personally loved by pet dog last week. “Lassy” was with me for more than 3 years. She was the most playful doggy I have ever seen. So after she passed away I was looking into ways to keep her in my life. First I decided to make a huge portrait of us. But later I so some cool Pet Memorial Tattoos on Pinterest. So I decided to find a better tattoo.

So the following are some of the cool tattoos you also can use to get an idea to keep your pet always on yourself.

Pet Memorial Tattoos handpicked Top 10

As I mentioned above you can use the following as design ideas and if you love those you can make them permanent on your body. So your pet will be with you forever. Whenever you look at that tattoo it will work as a reminder. It will remind you of the awesome time you had with your loved ones.

I have put the Tattoo I select as the first one. What I did was I made it permanent on my hand. So whenever I look at my arm it will remind me of the coolest Pug I had. Then I bought temporary Tattoos for my kids from These tattoos lasted for around 1 month. Also, I share with my neighbors since they also loved Lassy.

My Pick: the Pug Tattoo

Pet Memorial Tattoos for Pugs (For Lassy)
Pet Memorial Tattoos for Pugs (For Lassy)

You can find the temporary tatto of this on

I selected this tattoo since the Pug in it is very similar to Lassy. Especially those chubby cheeks. The color and everything matches well. Even though Lassy was but taller than this she was a mixture of black and white. So this tattoo represents the perfect image of my Pug.

Also the temporary was awesome. It lasted more than a month.

Dog Paw Print & Heart Pet Memorial Tattoo

Simply put this is very artistic. Who can ignore something like this?

This Dog / Cat or (Any Pet with Paws) tattoo has a very deep meaning. It says that both the pet and the owner loved each other. This gives the perfect emotional punch.

If you want you can directly show this design to your tattoo designer so you can customize it. Also, you can select a good color for the middle heart. However, as you can see red is perfect.

Paw & Collar Memorial Tattoo

This is a special tattoo for your loved one. In this design, you can even add the name of your pet. That’s why this deserves the third place. It represents your dog, cat or pet is well protected by your love and affection. While red is the perfect color it is your choice to change it to pink or something your pet loved.

Hands AKA Friendship Tattoo

Friendship Memorial Tatto is a very simple tattoo you can get done for cheap. This says the bond you had with your pet. It looks better if you have this on your arm.

Feather, Memorial Tattoo for bird lovers.

This simple design is for all the bird lovers in the world. The neck is the perfect spot for this tattoo. In this, you can see the beautiful feather which should according to the color of the pet you had. Also, the heart represents the love for your pet.

Perfection! Cat Memorial Tat

I named this as perfection since it includes most aspects of your lover. You can include your pet’s name, paws and even its face in this Tattoo. And that nose represents the love you had <3

Pet Memorial Tattoos – In Loving Memory

As you can see this Memorial Tattoo is suitable for any kind of pet. You just have to change the paws with something of your pet. For example, if it is a bird replace the paws with its beak.

A Piece of Me Memorial Tattoo

I move it to 8th place since it is very hard to align this tattoo. However, this deserves to be the first place. Simply put this is the most emotional tattoo you can find for your pet. “A piece of me went with you”.

Portrait as a Tattoo

This tattoo is for those you love large tattoos. There is not design behind it. Just take a good portrait for a photo of your pet and tattoo it on your chest or arm.

Thank you for reading our article. Don’t forget to let us know what design you preferred as your Pet Memorial Tattoo.

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