Dva Racing overwatch workshop mod

D.va Race Overwatch Workshop Games

This is another cute Dva racing Overwatch workshop mod made by user DackyPacky On reddit. As per the name this workshop mode let you race aroung lijjiang night market. Prety cool right? In my opinion this mode is building around street racer pro.

This mode is for all the racing fans in the World, well for Overwatch racing fan :D. If you want a have a break from competitive mode and praise Dva’s loli power this is for you.

D.Va Racing [workshop by DarwinStreams] from r/Overwatch

Basically in this Dva Racing Overwatch mod you can fly in Dva mech around Lijiang Tower. There are many checkpoint (rings) scattered around the map. You can to go inside these ring one after another. First person to race through all the checkpoints win. GGEZ.!! Well it is not easy as you think. Following is the code for Dva racing Overwatch workshop mod.

dva racing mod overwatch
dva racing mod overwatch

On other hands in this workshop game players and make their own race courses and share with the community. Check our overwatch workshop tutorial. Simply you can change the current checkpoint so it will be a whole new track. Well looking from above Lijiang is very beautiful place. Make sure you start the game first, otherwise checkpoints won’t work.

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