Overwatch Aim arena workshop code Aim practice

Overwatch Aim arena workshop code Aim practice

Still a silver? Wanna do some aim practice in Overwatch to drag your salty hitscan main to plat, diamond? Well if you are, overwatch aim arena is the best workshop mode to improve your aim. Basically this is training range but instead the no brain bots, you are playing against your fellow “intelligent” Overwatch Players. This was first released by tordecybombo in Reddit.

In this workshop mode you can select any hero in the game. They have even added Sigma with the latest release. This is the only FFA mode that let you train with and against all the heroes in the map. One game lasts for 60 minutes. Following is the Overwatch Aim Arena Workshop Code.

4500 Sr playing in Overwatch Aim arena

However, rather than playing the basic mode you can try tweaking this mode. For an example you can make it 500% so it will be chaotic as torb’s potato brain. Following are some overwatch aim arena tweak ideas.

  • Max number of players: [Lobby] > [Max FFA Players]
  • Enable/Disable heroes: [Heroes] > [Hero Roster]
  • Random hero: [Modes] > [ALL] > [Respawn as Random Hero]
  • Hero limit for every hero: [Modes] > [ALL] > [Hero Limit] > [1 OR 2 Per Game]
  • Match time: [Workshop] > [MATCH TIME] (default: 3600 sec = 60 min)
  • Hero limit for specific hero: [Workshop] > [HERO LIMITS]

In this version you can following features.

  • Press INTERACT (Default: F) to swap heroes.
  • Players heal after a kill.
  • Knockback/teleport zones added in the pillars so players cannot hide in them.
  • Damage per min leaderboard
  • Specific hero limits

In my opinion playing Hanzo and Macree is the best if you want to demonstrate your “proness”. Oh, you can simply use macree’s dead eye can kill em all ez clap. Also playing hog is pretty cool, when you enable the hook ability. But you will feed a lot. I’m afraid to say that our hot guy Torb’s turret is disabled.

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