Overwatch MODS : Infection Workshop Code

Overwatch Mods Infection code

Actually this is one of my favourite overwatch mods. Usually full infection match takes around 45 minutes. This mode was first introduced by Gianturco a reddit user on April, 2019. Eventhough at that time this mode wasn’t very famous nowadays people prefer this than 500% FFA. In my opinion 500% Free For All is overrated. Well this mode isn’t caotic than FFA but pretty fun. There are several variations of this overwatch mod like infection zombies and infection T BAG. Use following code to create a infection workshop game.

In overwatch infection mode you can select your hero at the beginning. So far all the heroes are available. So when ever you kill someone that person will change his charactor to your hero. Simply you become the hero that kills you. So copy above code and start infection the infection. Overwatch mods infection code is above!

In this overwatch mod preset is set to deathmatch. So each round one hero will win. Basically when you kill someone you get a point. On other hands when someone kills you you lose a point. Also when you suicide you lose a point. In a match a hero can only win once. Meaning if Hot guy Macree win first round you cant pick macree again! Welp.

Some other boring stuff

  • Same heroes cant hurt each other. (However currently torb turrent can kill fellow trollbjorn, if you don’t like that simply remove turrent :sadface: )
  • You will see a blue circle on top of players on your kind.
  • Sym turrets are currently disabled as they tend to kill friendlies.
  • Sombra’s stealth is on +500% cooldown. Fair right? It is bit annoying to find a a sombra that we can’t see.
  • Average point players have when match finish is 2.
  • In my opinion best heroes and Hog, Macree & Mei. For some maps lucio and ball is perfect. overwatch mods infection code
overwatch Infection tips
overwatch Infection tips

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