Overwatch Gun Game code: Overwatch workshop Codes

Overwatch gun game code

This game mode, overwatch gun game is inspired by the actual gun game released with call of duty. This was first introduced by user AbyssWalker in the Battle.net website. This is actually a good way to get a break from toxic competitive mode. In this article I will share the Overwatch gun game code.

Basically this gun game mode has all the heroes in the game. Whenever you killed someone ingame you will promoted to the next hero while adding 1 to your score.

overwatch gun game swap
overwatch gun game swap

First you will have to play in Hitscan DPS, Projectile DPS, Tanks, Supports. However Hero Order is set and can be changed in the Workshop editor. So it might be fun to start with mercy and end with DPS.

Anyway in Normal overwatch gun game first one to kill a player as mercy wins. However if a player tries to kys ( suicide) he will lose points and swap to his old hero. As the time is frozen at 14.59 you can play all the 30 heroes untill someone wins. Zarya has 50% low cooldown bubble. (She was having problem gaining charge so this solved the issue.)

This version of mode has a glitch which demonstrates that everyone kills himself in the killfeed instead of displaying the right murderer. There is also no problem with dying several times in a row when cast from a rim.

  • Heroes are now pre-loaded to create smoother transition on Hero Swap.
  • Added a check to make sure players score can not dip into the negatives, to avoid issue with scoreboard not mirroring actual standings.

Need help installing and setting up the above Overwatch gun game code? Check our article by clicking here.

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