Brain Test Level 315 Answer

Brain Test Level 315 Answer post is for everyone like me who is still trying to figure out the solution for the puzzle. To make it easy to understand I have included videos, images that will explain the answer.

Brain Test Level 315 Question

Brain Test Level 315 answer
Brain Test Level 315 answer

So this is the puzzle we have to find the answer. In a simple glimpse, we can understand that we need some math skills to find the answer. You can understand how I answered it below.

What is Brain Test Level 315 Answer?


Brain Test Level 315 Answer Explanation

Lets break it down. According to the image it is saying that,

  1. Apple + Pears = 7
  2. Pears + Orange = 10
  3. Orange + Apple = 13

Now our task is to find the value of Apple + Pears + Orange.

So lets add above 1, 2 & 3 together. Now we got,

2 Apples + 2 Pears + 2 Oranges = 30

2(Apples + Pears + Oranges) = 30

This means

Apple + Pears + Orange = 15.

I hope now you are clear with Brain Test Level 315 Answer.

Refer to below video if you are confused.

What is Brain Test?

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