JoinMy Quiz .com What is it? How to find it??

It is no doubt if you are a fan of my site you know that we all love Quizzes. So while researching for some of these puzzles I realized that many people are looking for JoinMy Quiz .com but no one seems to find it.

So I thought to further look into this matter and figure out what is join my quiz and how to find it.

What is JoinMy Quiz .com?

Join my quiz was a platform that people used to create puzzles are share them among their friends, students, colleagues, etc. This is a very similar platform to Kahoot.

In past (Like two, three years back) I also used to create multiple quizzes using this website and share them with my fans on the internet. At that time you just have to create a new profile by entering your email and personal details. After that, you can start creating trivia and share it all over the world using the secret code.

What happened to joinmyquiz? does not exist anymore. If you go to the website it will redirect you to So we can assume that either quizizz bought join my quiz or JMQ changed their web address to quizizz.

However, this new webpage is also very similar to JMQ. You can create a new account and create quizzes online.

To further give you an idea, Quizizz is designed by two people named Deepak Joy Cheenath, Ankit Gupta. They are situated in Bengaluru, India. According to Wikipedia, they started this website in 2015.

They even have an android app called ” Quizizz: Play to learn”

Using this app Learn anything, anywhere. You can study independently or participate in group quizzes, assignments, and presentations both in-person and online. More than 20 million individuals use Quizizz every month in schools, homes, and companies all across the world.

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Some Reviews from Users from Quizziz / joinmyquiz.

“Excellent for studying, and keeps kids entertained by engaging games that revolve around trivia related to a particular topic at school. Join My Quiz will show you memes once you’ve got an answer right to make you more connected with children. Additionally, power-ups can assist kids in learning more while having fun. It’s like tricking children into learning by disguised as a game or competition. It is a lot of fun and is great to have when you’re studying”

Felix G

It’s an excellent educational game and helped me in the 6th grade when I had trouble with add, sub multiplication and division for maths class. I’m in 8th grade in the near future, but I have a problem.I have been playing the game for about a month since school ended.i was thinking that when I searched for and played the game quizizz I was thinking the game was played against people from all over the world. However, it turns out that when I shut off the wifi, it is playing, so I’ve been playing against BOTSS all the time.BRUH.


Hope now you are clear on what is JoinMy Quiz .com and how to access it. If you think this article was useful please be kind to share it with your friends.