Walls of Heart crossword clue

Walls of Heart Crossword clues are for the people you are struggling to complete this week’s crossword puzzle in the newspaper. Even as a seasoned crossword solver this puzzle was hard for me. I had to keep refreshing my brain for almost 5 hours. Finally after 2 coffee pots, 2 packs of cheese & one cracker packet I was able to find all the answers. In this post, you have 21 answers for walls of the heart crossword clue. Well, being a crossword this must have more than one answer. That’s a fact. Well since is crossword was comparatively hard, I decided the present the answers as follows. If you love quizzes you might love Brain out APP.

Walls of Heart crossword clue, Answers, Solutions

Following are the list of answers for Walls of Heart crossword.

SEPTAWalls of the heart
PHLEGMViscid, sticky mucus discharged by the walls of the respiratory tract
NUMBERTENNames covering brown walls of the well-known residency
RETINALight-sensitive membrane creating the inside lining of the posterior wall of the eyeball (6)
RETINAELight- sensitive membranes creating the inside lining of the posterior wall of the eyeballs. (7)
RIB CAGEThe bony covering wall of the chest (7)
RESTS“… the wall of the home he made narrowed ___ (1 Ki. 6:6)
ON THE SAFE SIDEHaving all the precaution includes plastering the wall of the vault (2,3,4,4)
JAWWall of the mouth
JERICHOThe walls of which Biblical town were destroyed by the noise of the Israelites” horns? (7)
EAVESPart of the roof that meets or overhangs the walls of a house (5)
CELLULOSECarbohydrate creating the most important component of the cell walls of plants, used in production paper, film etc. (9)
CORNELMr. Wilde of “The Walls of Jericho” (1948)
CHINABuilding that is both a UNESCO World Heritage Place and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World, the Great Wall of …
KEEPThe principal; tower within the walls of a Middle age castle (4)
WAINSCOTA lining of timber paneling applied to the walls of a chamber (8)
IVIEDLike the walls of some old structure
PANELEDSimilar to walls of dens
GRAFFITIPaintings on the walls of structure (8)
RED BRICKLike the sun baked walls of Academe? (8)
Walls of Heart crossword clue

Fortunately, in this quiz most of the solutions are the definitions of the questions. Following are some explanations.

One question was to what is a light-sensitive membrane inside the eyeball. We definitely know it is the retina. Well even if you don’t know a simple google search can find it for you. In the next question it asks the same with “Eyeballs” now we know that the answer for this walls of heart crossword clue is the plural of Retina AKA retinae.

Another question asks about that is Graffiti. We all know this, Graffiti is some scribbling done on the walls. The same goes for the one with China as the answer. The literary stopped the clue at the “Great wall of”. Then you have to know that they are talking about china. These one are pretty easy. For me, it took only two to three minutes to solve clues like this.

However, they were some scientific and bio-related questions like PHLEGM, CELLULOSE etc. Those were very hard for me. Well, Google was able to simplify this for me. Who knew that Wall of the mouth is named as Jaws. Well, I have watched the JAWs AKA shark related movie But never knew that had to do something with the mouth.

Also there were many words that I didn’t knew before. It is true that I knew words like GRAFFITI, WALL, RED BRICK. But there were many words that I could not understand or knew before. I didn’t knew what was WAINSCOT, CORNEL, EAVES. Hence I had to do my own research and find out the answers for this crossword clues. What I did was I googled the walls of the heart crossword clues on Google. From that I was able to find out some of the answers.

However for one or two clues such as walls of biblical town I had to refer some books to find the answers. Gladly I have a lilbry near by and the librarian is one of my friends. He helped me to find the relevant book that has the answers.

If you went throught the crossword you can realize that there are many questions categories. For example they have questions from bio, old ages, bibal, art etc.

Finally I must say that I learned lot of things by completing this walls of heart crossword clue puzzle. Anyway if you loved the article please share it among your friends. They might love it too.

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