20 note Snapchat filter, learn how to do the trick

20 note Snapchat filter is for everyone who wants to learn how to do 20 pound note trick on Snapchat. Using this filter you can bring 20 euro note to life. To create this filter Snapchat partnered with Tate Britain, The National Gallery, and The Bank of England.

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What is 20 pound note trick on Snapchat?

Recently The Bank of England released a new version of £20 Note. This note includes a painting from famous artist JMW Turner. The Fighting Temeraire is the painting they used for this new note. So Snapchat decided to partner up with The Bank of England and National gallery to create an AR filter for this note.

By using 20 note Snapchat filter you will be giving life to the £20 Note. First, a portrait of the painter will appear. Then after some cool animations it a new window will open and you will be able to see a “living” version of The Fighting Temeraire. Trust me! this looks awesome than it sounds. Enough talks, you can find a video of it below.

How to get 20 note Snapchat filter?

Currently, there are only two methods to unlock 20 note Snapchat filter. You have to Scan the Snapcode to use this filter. To Scan snapcode open your Snapchat Camera and take a picture of following yellow barcode.

20 note Snapchat filter
20 note Snapchat filter
  1. Open the Snapchat Android or iOS App and take the picture of above Snapcode.
  2. After a second a popup will ask you whether to unlock the lens of not.
  3. Once unlocked, take a picture of £20 Note
  4. Watch as it becomes alive.
  5. Take a snap and share it

The other method to unlock £20 Note trick snapchat lens is to click HERE using your mobile phone. (You need to have Snapchat app installed on your mobile.)

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