App immuni obbligatoria, Check Corona Virus Spread

App immuni obbligatoria is for all the people who are living in Italy. We all know about the recent virus outbreak. In my opinion, everyone should take this very seriously. Especially in Italy, people need to be very careful since there were many infected people has been identified. So it is your responsibility to look after yourself and do your contribution to save humanity from this virus. That is the main reason I decided to write this article about App immuni obbligatoria. I invite you to go through the article and learn how to help the society to fight the new Virus.

App immuni obbligatoria
App immuni obbligatoria

What is App immuni obbligatoria?

In simple terms, this app will be used to fight the new virus which is harming the current society. This app proposed to be released by the Italian government. It uses GPS technology to share information about where they found infected people. Italy government said that they are moving into “Phase 2” of fight against the Virus. While we do not have a big idea of what this means, we can assume that it has something to do with the app.

According to the research done by the Italian government they predicted that at least 60% of the citizens have to download the app in order to get effective results. This means it is your turn to save the planet. Also, they have confirmed that this app is 100% voluntary and it is free for people who want to download App immuni obbligatoria.

Can I download app immuni coronavirus?

You will be able to dwnload App immuni obbligatoria very soon. Unfortunately Italian government still havent released a exact release date. HOwever we can assume it is very close.

Also, they have confirmed that this app is not mandatory for all citizens. However, for those who want to help to save humanity might download and use the app. So you will have to wait a little bit more to use app immuni coronavirus.

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