Ronin Operator Bundle – Operators & Identity Item Store Pack

Ronin Operator Bundle is another awesome Modern Warfare or Warzone item pack. This was featured in the store on 25 April 2020. Since many people are confused with all the items and weapons in the pack I decided to create this article.

Ronin Skin Lone Dragon

This is a good chance for you to unlock the Ronin skin. Even if you don’t have Ronin Operator unlocked, if you purchase this bundle you will be able to unlock the Operator automatically. If you purchase this Modern Warfare Ronin pack you will be able to use the following skin.

Do you know how to do the 20 pound note trick? Check it out, it is Amazing.

Ronin Lone Dragon Skin
Ronin Lone Dragon Skin

Ronin Operator Bundle – Weapon Blueprint

According to me Soulful Wanderer is the best thing included in this pack. Soulful wanderer is a M4A1 weapon blueprint. Actually this weapon looks cool.

Ronin Operator Bundle gun soulful wanderer rifle
Ronin Operator Bundle gun soulful wanderer rifle

Also, I must say that Activision has perfected M4A1 with this Ronin Operator Pack. The following are its attachments if you want to build the gun manually.

Barrel : FSS 14.5 Tec Lite

Laser : Tac Laser

Optic : PBX Holo 7 Sight

Stock : Forge Tactic

Underbarrel : Operator Foregrip

Ronin Operator Pack- Pistol Blueprint

In my opinion this is not the best pistol I have seen. But it is impressive. This is for x16.

If you are trying to build the gun yourself following are the attachments.

Barrel : Guards Arms Featherweight

Trigger Actions : Lightweight Trigger

Ammunition : 17 Rounds

Rear Grip : Rubberized Grip Tape

Perk : Sleight of Hand

NO Masters Melee

This is the coolest thing in this Modern Warfare Ronin operator pack. Simply but it gives you an AXE to replace your common knife.

no masters melee modern warfare
no masters melee modern warfare

Ronin Finishing Move Slice and Dice

Slice and Dice is an awesome finishing move for Ronin. You can watch the clip in the following video.

Slice and Dice Finishing move Warzone

Warzone Emblem Blood And Thunder

Ronin Operator Pack Warzone Emblem Blood And Thunder
Ronin Operator Pack Warzone Emblem Blood And Thunder

Other than above stuff you can get following by purchasing Ronin Pack

Ronin Operator bundle cod
Ronin Operator bundle cod
How Much is Ronin Operator Pack

2400 CP

What will I get from COD MW Warzone Ronin Bundle

1) Lone Dragon Ronin Skin
2) Soulful Wanderer – Blueprint
3) Handgun Blueprint
4) Emblem Blood and Thunder
5) Calling Card
6) Sticker
7) Spray
8) Melee Blueprint
9) Ronin Quip
10) Finishing Move

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