Asian Hornet Watch App for Android and iOS

Asian Hornet Watch App is used to detect Asian Hornet in the UK. It is said that these insects are non-native species in the United Kingdom. Also, UK scientists predicted that this type of Hornet can have a serious impact on UK based insects, including honey bees. This is why it is very important to detect these invaders early.

The issue is Asian Hornets are very similar to many insects in the UK. So in this app, there is a comprehensive guide on how to properly identify these harmful insects. Most importantly using Asian Hornet Watch App you are able to record your sightings of these species. So the government can investigate and act on it.

Also, it is said that you have to include a clear photo of the insect you saw as proof. This app was released in 2018, November by Centre for Ecology and Hydrology.

When you download and install the app you can see that there are three main sections.

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  1. Species info

As I mentioned above in this section you will be able to learn more about the dangerous insects. There is a complete guide on how to detect harmful species of hornets.

2. Record

This is where you mention where did you see these Asian Hornets in your area. To submit a sigting you have to give following data.

Species Name

Location (Detected by GPS)




3. App info

You can learn about the people behind the app.

To learn more about the app you may refer to following video created by UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology.

Asian Hornet Watch identification guide and recording app video

Download Asian Hornet Watch App

Fortunately this app is available for both Android and iOS. You may use following buttons to download the app.

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